Friday, August 29, 2003

Well I think that's sorted the huge font-ness, and the eye-ache.
Colours still a bit odd though, but that might just be my eyes after too much computer stuff.
And it's amazing how much HTML stuff you realise you've forgotten (usually when you click preview, and half the screen disappears). Link format still needs doing. And why am I typing this? It's not like it's useful for you, and I have a hunch you're not supposed to use blogs as post-it notes to yourself.

[this so should be edited into the first one]

Woo-yay! This seems to have worked.
And yes that woo-yay is the mark of a long time B3ta lurker. And also there's less chance of it sounding sarky like Woohoo!

I suppose I ought to try and bung some insightful stuff on here (well that was the noble aim of this, but it's not like it will ever be achieved).
Well all I can think of is Hutton inquiry stuff, and that's bound to sound like whatever the BBC, Grauniad or Torygraph say (note the fearless use of cliches). Or possibly Channel 4 news (yay for people who make fools out of Campbell). Actually they do manage to have the most ridiculous things on there - such as ex-cabinet minister Helen Lidell attacking KGM (the presenter) for using such inflammatory language such as "weasel words". And who brought such language into the public arena? A certain man called Campbell - during an interview on the same programme. Anyone else thinking "how dense is that woman"? - Unfortunately not the C4 news team, who didn't even point that out. Bad, people with interesting ties.

Ok BTW, yep I am in the UK.
Another BTW - please don't sue me (cos all you'll get is big letter from the Student loan company - And how sucky is it, that they've changed the law, so that even if you're declared bankrupt you still can't get rid of your student loans? Hmm, good grammar).
Seriously it's not my intention to commit libellous acts (slander's verbal right?), so if there's something you think is really bad contact me and I'll see what I can do. And this bit probably needs to be in big letters at the bottom of the page, but I haven't figured out how to do that yet.

(at least until I think of something else to write).

How to begin?

Good morning where-ever? But as I've never seen the film and it's not actually morning (except in some far off timezone), that's possibly not the greatest of starts.

Anyway (there's that word again) - except this little bundle of joy is called Anyhoo, because...well read the title, it's not hard to figure out. Basically I was stuck for what to call this - so called it one of the most overused words in [my version of] the English language. Well it was that or basically, and with me nothing ever is basic. Over options included "but hey...", possibly "possibly", and something based on my use of excessive bracketing (or possibly manic dash-ing).

And where's the spell check on this thing?

Um, well probably ought to be doing the basic stuff - I'm a 23 year old guy (and that feels much too old), and I'm going to give up trying to explain the other stuff, because, doesn't make much sense to me.

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