Thursday, April 29, 2010

DSC_9781 - In the Land of OrangeOoh, just remembered I can post beyond Twitter-length stuff here.

Ooh, just remembered it's not really very interesting to rehash debate things.

So basically Clegg did less well than previously, but still beats others. Best bits were:
- Cameron agreeing with the stance of a man who asked a neutral question and claimed the leaders don't listen to voters, thereby showing Cameron's assumptions about the question and the voter (I've never really got the anti-other-people thing. Populations shift. Just because we have stats suddenly it's a bad thing?).
- Brown managing to say fairly near the end "We are desperate", but my shorthand failed me so I don't have the words that followed it.
- And in the category of #epicwin*: "And this your chance, Nick Clegg, not to repeat what you've just said, but to respond" probably counts as Dimblebitchery. But it was in that context kinda true.

* One day all nouns will be hashtags. To avoid confusion the current various uses of # will be known as 'grated potato patties a la current prime minister', 'bung-tinned-food-together-and-heat-meal', 'mini portcullis key', 'and the number shall be', 'performing to the expected standard' and 'Not-Knorr'.

On which thrilling, absolutely chilling insight so long, farewell and so forth.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

DSC_2228 [psp] - Manchester WelcomeWhile discussing the apparent rise in the freakishly high [i.e some] violent incident rate around my current abode that correlates with my period of occupancy (probably not causal), which oddly MPM had noticed while I hadn't, MPM then commented that my hometown would probably score badly for murders if judged on a certain patch of it. Discussion then ensued between MPM and the LSF about their local murders, during which MPM managed to say "But they were middle-class; doesn't count, that could happen anywhere".

Fortunately this conversation was being held by telephone and as long as one laughs silently one can get away with it.

Sorry, just amused by the idea that only slaying by ne'er-do-well strangers (or acquaintances) is proper murder, and the other type is basically just abrupt divorce.

And then MPM reverted back to worrying about me, asking if I were at risk, assuming I shouldn't be because "You're not in any danger; you're not overt, are you?". And then warning me off Cla'am Bit-Infra-Dig*, because that's dangerous too, just look what happened too... The LSF suggests that Labour guy. Cue discussion about careers being killed, not people, in which none of us can remember the euphemism.

*Also known as Cla'am Come-On[-Tim].

And so ended the phone call (ok, so I'm skipping the bit about the bluebells and certain Moorish activities [thank God they only started when I was no longer a teenager, and yes that was me working round writing 'a grown-up' or 'an adult', because I don't think it counts if it's only biological], oh and MPM admitting she's learnt to use Facebook well enough to mute the person I was surprised she was linked to [ah, the politics of whether and how to ditch someone over politics]).

Anyway, hier ist some other stuff.

Was ist 'ouch' auf Deutsch?


Monday, April 26, 2010

2006 10 02 062Sometimes Google wins; a repost from Facebook, because it's just too weird to be contained by FB (I quoted a lyric at someone quoting different lyrics, she Googled and got the wrong, the very, very wrong, result).

And you thought the original was quirky.

Speaking of which, because there was a question, long, long ago, I have no taste. Possibly.

While I'm doing links, I think I ought to be concerned by how amused one person can be by a very simple idea.

And sometimes being stuck in telegraphese or txtspk or Twitterish can occasionally be useful. The B asked a question following the contents of the last post (not the bugle one), my response follows:-
Free to divulge: not sure newsworthy.

But NSNW sums up quite a lot of what I think about myself.

He said, voluntarily self-publicising.

Anyway, just quite pleasant to be able to write that. I know I thought the whole thing ought to have had a great crashing score throughout (think Brief Encounter), but the calm after the storm is no less of a calm for lacking the storm even if I occasionally forget that.

Hmm, and I've just realised that I can't quote good bits* of Twitter because we're back to that pesky real name thing (oh why can't the English teach their children to be Luddites, so then I wouldn't have to worry about showing three separate facets without muddling the damn things).

* I use the plural in the optimistic, future-inclusive sense.

And because I've not much else to say, except that the moon is very bright when it wakes one at two in the morning, that'd better be it.


PS. What does one do if one should happen to notice that one's mother is 'friends' on Facebook with someone with pretty dubious political views made very prominent? It's not often that I see my mother next to Geert Wilders.

PPS. If the earthquake in Chile made the world spin faster because a plate dropped a bit, did grounding all those planes change the spin speed?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

DSC_0872 - Rainbow SteeplechaseSo a conversation was had. The world did not end any more than it was already doing so (the apocalypse is very sunny; it's more the Acapulcolypse).

Parent 1 asked if that was why I changed my hair.

Parent A reminded me that the NHS might not always be around (translation "do be careful", although quite why my brother has not needed this advice...).

Parent 1 continued 1's thoughts on the theft of the word GAY, which in this context should only be written GAY because it's an acronym (um, that's backro... oh never mind), and which thoughts a certain related person summed as being "complete freedom, unless in these certain instances". One day I'll see if I can get 1 to suggest little membership badges are a good idea, perhaps a natty pink triangle (but then I'm also waiting for the phrase 'sneaky gays' to creep into the Telegraph, sans source).

Parent A said it was not a surprise to A.

Parent 1 said I should have said something when 1 was talking about buying another hat (um, it's quite hard being non-specific then), then got distracted about whether or not one wears a hat, or the type of hat one wears, to a registry office, but then reminded me that I was a long, long way from a hat.

Parent A said it was comeuppance for A (um, there's some weird backstory I don't really know to do with a neighbour's son's public yet intimate website; I think A's logic was schadenfreudekarma, but I'm a bit concerned that A perceives this as retribution, divine or otherwise).

Parent 1 said that ramps up the pressure on the SIL (clearly the B is not necessary for reproduction, and I think there's a bit too much presumption of fertility going on).

Parents both said at least I don't need to worry so much about being a financial failure now (ok, that's not quite what they said, but not terribly far off it).

Parents both also said things they shouldn't really have said (in a high praise where there really ought have been equal praise way).

And then conversation turned to more important things, like relations marooned on a volcano by another volcano (remember schadenfreudekarma) and I made a sandwich.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

"Is that why you've changed your hair?"

Friday, April 16, 2010

DSC_0351 [psp funk] - What on Earth possessed you?Weird recent dreams:

- Switches in the plugs not the sockets.
- Explaining things to my brother's grandchildren.
- Being able to change which colours, which wavelengths we can see, on demand.

And that's not even getting into making myself travel-sick while lying in bed because I was thinking about how orbits work and the Spirographing rotations of the Earth.


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