Tuesday, April 20, 2010

DSC_0872 - Rainbow SteeplechaseSo a conversation was had. The world did not end any more than it was already doing so (the apocalypse is very sunny; it's more the Acapulcolypse).

Parent 1 asked if that was why I changed my hair.

Parent A reminded me that the NHS might not always be around (translation "do be careful", although quite why my brother has not needed this advice...).

Parent 1 continued 1's thoughts on the theft of the word GAY, which in this context should only be written GAY because it's an acronym (um, that's backro... oh never mind), and which thoughts a certain related person summed as being "complete freedom, unless in these certain instances". One day I'll see if I can get 1 to suggest little membership badges are a good idea, perhaps a natty pink triangle (but then I'm also waiting for the phrase 'sneaky gays' to creep into the Telegraph, sans source).

Parent A said it was not a surprise to A.

Parent 1 said I should have said something when 1 was talking about buying another hat (um, it's quite hard being non-specific then), then got distracted about whether or not one wears a hat, or the type of hat one wears, to a registry office, but then reminded me that I was a long, long way from a hat.

Parent A said it was comeuppance for A (um, there's some weird backstory I don't really know to do with a neighbour's son's public yet intimate website; I think A's logic was schadenfreudekarma, but I'm a bit concerned that A perceives this as retribution, divine or otherwise).

Parent 1 said that ramps up the pressure on the SIL (clearly the B is not necessary for reproduction, and I think there's a bit too much presumption of fertility going on).

Parents both said at least I don't need to worry so much about being a financial failure now (ok, that's not quite what they said, but not terribly far off it).

Parents both also said things they shouldn't really have said (in a high praise where there really ought have been equal praise way).

And then conversation turned to more important things, like relations marooned on a volcano by another volcano (remember schadenfreudekarma) and I made a sandwich.


Parent 1 sounds like a veritable treasure: I hope you appreciate it (to maintain your non-gender-specific terms).

I really ought to go and relate my latest car crash story.
Literal or figurative car crash?
So sorry I missed this. It's one of those rare conversations in life which has almost limitless scope for humour and awkwardness.
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