Tuesday, April 27, 2010

DSC_2228 [psp] - Manchester WelcomeWhile discussing the apparent rise in the freakishly high [i.e some] violent incident rate around my current abode that correlates with my period of occupancy (probably not causal), which oddly MPM had noticed while I hadn't, MPM then commented that my hometown would probably score badly for murders if judged on a certain patch of it. Discussion then ensued between MPM and the LSF about their local murders, during which MPM managed to say "But they were middle-class; doesn't count, that could happen anywhere".

Fortunately this conversation was being held by telephone and as long as one laughs silently one can get away with it.

Sorry, just amused by the idea that only slaying by ne'er-do-well strangers (or acquaintances) is proper murder, and the other type is basically just abrupt divorce.

And then MPM reverted back to worrying about me, asking if I were at risk, assuming I shouldn't be because "You're not in any danger; you're not overt, are you?". And then warning me off Cla'am Bit-Infra-Dig*, because that's dangerous too, just look what happened too... The LSF suggests that Labour guy. Cue discussion about careers being killed, not people, in which none of us can remember the euphemism.

*Also known as Cla'am Come-On[-Tim].

And so ended the phone call (ok, so I'm skipping the bit about the bluebells and certain Moorish activities [thank God they only started when I was no longer a teenager, and yes that was me working round writing 'a grown-up' or 'an adult', because I don't think it counts if it's only biological], oh and MPM admitting she's learnt to use Facebook well enough to mute the person I was surprised she was linked to [ah, the politics of whether and how to ditch someone over politics]).

Anyway, hier ist some other stuff.

Was ist 'ouch' auf Deutsch?


Moments of Badger Madness?

Like the GermanWings viral.
Oh, of course. How did I manage to forget that sublime phrase?

And hurrah, I haven't managed to lose everyone.

BTW, when's 'From Our Business Expert… #2' going to be posted?
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