Monday, April 26, 2010

2006 10 02 062Sometimes Google wins; a repost from Facebook, because it's just too weird to be contained by FB (I quoted a lyric at someone quoting different lyrics, she Googled and got the wrong, the very, very wrong, result).

And you thought the original was quirky.

Speaking of which, because there was a question, long, long ago, I have no taste. Possibly.

While I'm doing links, I think I ought to be concerned by how amused one person can be by a very simple idea.

And sometimes being stuck in telegraphese or txtspk or Twitterish can occasionally be useful. The B asked a question following the contents of the last post (not the bugle one), my response follows:-
Free to divulge: not sure newsworthy.

But NSNW sums up quite a lot of what I think about myself.

He said, voluntarily self-publicising.

Anyway, just quite pleasant to be able to write that. I know I thought the whole thing ought to have had a great crashing score throughout (think Brief Encounter), but the calm after the storm is no less of a calm for lacking the storm even if I occasionally forget that.

Hmm, and I've just realised that I can't quote good bits* of Twitter because we're back to that pesky real name thing (oh why can't the English teach their children to be Luddites, so then I wouldn't have to worry about showing three separate facets without muddling the damn things).

* I use the plural in the optimistic, future-inclusive sense.

And because I've not much else to say, except that the moon is very bright when it wakes one at two in the morning, that'd better be it.


PS. What does one do if one should happen to notice that one's mother is 'friends' on Facebook with someone with pretty dubious political views made very prominent? It's not often that I see my mother next to Geert Wilders.

PPS. If the earthquake in Chile made the world spin faster because a plate dropped a bit, did grounding all those planes change the spin speed?

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