Saturday, September 20, 2003

10 days later...

Opps, it wasn't meant to be quite this long, but I'm back now, and this blog's now out of contention for the most unused blog award. And I've just realised I still haven't got the banana drippage thing sorted (it still does, and it's still getting bigger).

Trying to think of what's happened since last time. [cheating by looking through emails]. Right so we have:
- Me being all pragmatic on taxing greener fuels. (long story, which usually means "me talk, other person run away"). Speaking of which: LRP prices - how random are they? 50p/L there, 80p/L other there.
- Discovering according to a forward that English words (and presumably some over languages) only have to have the first and last letters in place and the rest of the letters can be in a random order (Mcuh lkie tihs. But as they're only four letter words, it's not going to be that hard. Aidsinbathsimianratesilentim possibly might be (and I had a hard enough time figuring out the right version before adjusting it). For those who haven't got it yet, A. become dyslexic, it helps, B. You need to watch more Countdown. C. HINT: debatably the longest word in the OED (proteins, or other chemicals not included). And yes that sequence of letters could occur randomly, it just so happens to look like other words joined together (just because it doesn't look haphazard doesn't mean it's not random). And I never knew it was a C of E thing.
- IDS thinks he's Howard to Blair's Keating, or that's what he wants to become. Oh dear god. For those who don't know: IDS = leader of the Consevative Party here (aka the Tories), Howard = Aussie PM and leader of their tories (helpfully called the Liberals), Blair = UK PM and leader of [New] Labour (much spinnage, see the Hutton Inquiry), and Keating used to be Aussie PM (and leader of the Australian Labor Party), got caught up in some kafuffle about stuff politicians always get caught in, and was ousted by a huge electoral swing. So IDS (no relation to the Israeli "Defense" Service) hopes the same will happen here. But going on the Brent East thing, that doesn't look too promising.
- Being reminded of the cooking music-ness of Ozomatli (some full tracks off 1st album on website)>.
- Watching last night of the proms. Well when it's only one night a year patriotism seems far less scary than the compulsory american version. Admittedly some of the people in the audience do seem a little scary (in an art-teachery way).
- And why is the only opera I like Carmen? Ok so the only other opera I've seen all of is La Boheme, which was in a very cold and cramped theatre, and being performed by people who were 30 years older than the characters and still couldn't act.
- The joys of washing cars, trying to get things on them working, and other expensive MOT fun.
- The immense fun that is direct marketing collation. This company uses "fulfilment" without any irony. How exactly does one fulfil an envelope?
- Autumnal foggy mornings, mingling with the smell of open fires glowing merrily in living rooms. Or having the town wreathed in the smoke from heath fires that manage to get the soil 3 ft down to catch alight, and close major roads. At least I can walk to work.
- Returning to the Sacred Land of the Black Nostrils, to see the Bridget Riley exhibition at the old-school Tate. More on this story later.
- Swampton Boat Show. Getting bought a bouyancy aid apparently by accident. And it's the improved version of my brother's [new(ish) showy-offy] one. I think he may be a tad infuriated. Oh well.
- Going Argh! Interview with unseen presentation as well, next week. Woohoo! Preparation? Um, well...
- Discovering I've got safety boat duty tomorrow, cos my brother opted out and volunteered me. Woohooness incarnate.

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