Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Er....manic glitching at this end.
blogger keeps telling the last post had errors in it, and then telling me it doesn't exist.
If it has, sorry I'll try to get them sorted, if it'll let me near it.
Suppose it's my fault for trying to find a player the french clips play in, so they might screw up the player at your end as well. Quicktime = not me error message (hardly surprising), Real = keeps defaulting to trying to play through this, and will load the clip, but won't do anything with it, WMP = keeps changing its mind which "-ing" it's doing, (contacting, connecting, playing, downloading), take ages to anything (whilst thinking hard about it), and then jams, and either goes really sluggish or falls over.
And now the AMV BBDO thing won't work. Hmm. Not impressed.

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