Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Oh...the last post seems to have fallen somewhere down the back of the ether [don't ya just love mixed metaphors].
Oh well, it was pretty much me apologising for the maudlinity (or is that maudlinness?) of yesterday's post. And for the esoteric impenetrability of the Bridget Riley stuff.

Anyway...did you know golf clubs look bemused when you go and hand in handfuls of golfballs, that you've found on the ground next their land (don't worry the wasn't any player hacking about the undergrowth looking for them, so I didn't ruin anyone's game - which as some of them had algae on might have been going on a bit long anyway).

And how addicted am I? Yesterday at about dusk the tatty old television went kaput. So fiddled with the plugs and wires trying to get it to work again. No luck. Think "not impressed", and worry because the last TV to do that suddenly produced lots of smoke and pretty flames. And then I notice the display on the radio's off. And it all feels quite quiet. And there aren't any lights on in any building I can see (including the ones with back-up generators so they must have been happy). Right so it's a power cut. I'll go and see if I can find out how big it is (well given the recent stuff about London, Italy and the US you never know). And how was I going to do this - by looking on the internet of course. Only computers don't work when there's no electricity (you think they'd tell you, wouldn't you?). Hands up who feels incredibly dappy?

So move on to finding an actual wireless radio, and trying to find some candles and stuff to light them with. And then discovered a one of the unknown wonders of the universe (or at least potential PhD thesis) - does the scent of a candle effect the light generated? Does an Alpine Glade burn quicker than an Ocean Spume? Is vanilla brighter than cinnamon? How does the emission spectrum vary between a Nordic Maelstrom and Morrocan Tempest? And does a thick layer of dust create sootier emissions (possibly this only applies to a subsect of the candle world)?

But before I could investigate (or indulge my pyromaniac tendencies) everything went gr-thunk, and I discovered the joys of things that don't tell you they only do 24hrs, not am and pm (does it matter if it says 7:05 not 19:05? Provided you never look at it in the morning). So a sore thumb and much leaning on buttons later, everything was back to how it was. How utterly dull. Routine maintence isn't anywhere near as much fun as monumental mistakes (apparently it was the substation behind the doctors').

Random link of the day: Vasectomy cuts Tube services. Bad puns intended.

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