Monday, September 01, 2003

So, back here again.
And what has the weekend taught me?
That we've used up our ration of heat during the summer, and that the end of August has been redesignated as autumn. So much cold damp air and pretty misty wispy things tracking the shadows.

Also that Indian films seem remarkably like rubbishy 80s films. Ok so this is based on a sample of one (Dil Chahta Hai). They also feature a bemusing amount of english, so you hear half a sentence and get the other half in subtitles. And they have nice songs, which are nice because they last about the same length as a commercial break and therefore allow you time to go to the loo, or put the kettle on, without missing anything. And for some reason I hope the lyrics lost something in the translation. We are of today. Why should our style be old? Quite. Oh and everyone in India is incredibly rich, and buys most of their furnishings from Ikea. Ok, so there's western films that do the same, and it's not necessarily bad, it's just when you've missed a bit and are trying to work out whether this bit's in India or Australia, it might come in handyto have some hint. So basically, yep foreign films can be rubbish as well. Speaking of which: Scream 3 - a multitasking film, if ever there was one. Or maybe I just thought that because I was doing other stuff at the same time, and that didn't seem to make any difference.

And now I'm about to sound like I watch too much television: well ok so I was yesterday. The Mitford-Mosley thing [sorry can't find C4 link]. Um, well. Don't know if it seems to be anything. Someone aware of mistakes, possibly regrets them, but then the past has happened. Whereas Death Belt. US justice. Not good. People's lives get decided by whether the judge and lawyer are on speaking terms, or on how unstable the mental health of the public defense is. And they wonder why English people think their [or even our] country's better? Well ok so similar stuff probably happens here, but A. people don't tend to be executed due to it, B. We don't get TV progs made about it. Capital punishment, nicht zer gut.

But on a happier note - look what someone sent me: WB apparently have put The Flaming Lips latest album, Yoshimi, on their website. And I think it's the entire thing, and it seems to be free! Which'll do until I have some money (and it gets old enough to be cheap).

Oh and for those of you who haven't seen it (but it is quite elderly now) much Honda goodness, and now all I need to do is find the office 4s one. Actually they seem to be doing quite well on the ads front - if only I knew what IMA was...
Oooh, that's not good, it's gone all weird and glitchy. Take two...

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