Friday, September 05, 2003

[a wee bit later]
Stuff from this week:
Tues: had thing in London, met up with friend afterward.

Why can I never get my head round the concept that some things in London are actually quite big? Clapham common in this case - or maybe it just seemed it went on for ages cos it was hot, the ground's insanely hard (guess that's what a couple of centuries of people walking the same routes will do for ya), and I had on my nice clacky shoes (otherwise known as the hardest soles known to mankind).

It's also impressive how far you can get on trains and tubes whilst waving a very elderly travelcard - I didn't know, I'd forgotten which pocket I'd put the new one in. Guess I probably should empty my suit pockets a bit more regularly.

And yay for people who get a penthouse apartment on Harley Street as part of their work deal. OK so it's got mice, umpteen ever narrowing stairs, and some fairly dodgy bits. Though it is big, and you can see Regent's Park in one direction and John Lewis's in the other if you lean out of the window.
Bizarre highlight: feeding the assorted birdlife in Regent's Park with spare communion [Tesco value] bread. Just as well it was C of E representational, not Catholic actual body of Christ, bread. And did you know that you can get white communion wine (that'll be just the plasma then?), and apparently one chain of bookshops stocks it. Having friends who work for churches has it's advantages. Except for people trying to convert you over pizza. Look I'm trying to figure out what to do with the anchovies, I'm not going to be concentrating on the veracity of sections of the bible. Incredibly cheap pizza though (Goodge Street, beware the crusts that seem stronger than the plates).

Oh and fairly interesting photo exhibition in the park - except like most exhibitions, the people watching was more fun. And is there anywhere in the world with a greater diversity of accents (or languages) than London?

Waterloo when tired at night, just seems really strange, especially when the train you just missed appears back on the boards, and then is still up there when the platform for the later train is announced. And why is it that only people on this line run to the train the moment the platform goes up, regardless of the time of day? Now can't find the poem/writing thing I was going to plug here, ay well.

And it's amazing how many people on trains will pretend they're asleep when in the stations and suddenly wake up when the train moves. Could it be they don't want someone in the seat next to them?

Random link: Pure utter wrongness. Apparently Richard Cheese has done some other stuff, though don't know where you can find it, go google yourself. Various other scary, worrying or cringeworthy stuff on B3ta's boards. Mr Hopkins what have you done? Kinda kills the brain-eating menacing thing.

And random postcards rock. Especially when they're from unknown places, possibly in Alabama.

Oooh the dongy things call, better go. Ok so that'll be spell checks and remembering stuff permitting.

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