Wednesday, September 10, 2003

You know when I said that my banana plant grows fast - it actually does. Somewhat insane amounts.

And wow, feel the power of the BBC promos [article,damn BBC - can't find it on their site so here's something else]. Um that's thrown me a bit. I was expecting to show you the BBC's Rush Hour Ident - but can't (I suppose it is quite old, but...). Basically imagine good looking man deciding to get bored and run across London rooftops, and do all sorts of incredible things [another link, but I can't get it to work]. Um, I'm not doing well at this. Basically a while back there was a stunning ident on BBC 1. Last night there was a documentary(ish) showing more people from the same group doing similar things, all round famous bits of London. Much insanely beautiful movement, effortless fluidity, graceful power. Basically one of those "I want to do that" things.
Apparently les parkouristes (the programme called them free runners), do quite a lot of this type of thing in Paris. Urbanised cirque de soleil.

Sorry, I'm making a hash of this, I had this grand eloquent spiel, which has all gone to pot, cos I can't get anything to work to demonstrate what I'm talking about. So those that saw it will probably know what I’m trying to say (which makes it a bit pointless actually saying it), and those that didn't still won't. [added later] Guardian has a
review of it (how dare the professionals do it better).
And it's so going to cause broken ankles up and down the country.

On other stuff - I wish the BBC would tell you what things are - they plug something as a one off, and then at the end of it talk about tomorrow's programme, and do the same on the next programme. And it's on insanely late (post Newsnight), and long, so it's even late enough that you have to say up to start the video recorder. Yes I know VCR's should be able to be programmed, but this one usually defaults to trying to use the Videoplus codes, which of course it doesn't pick up because of the dodgy signal, so it doesn't bother recording anything.
So mesopotamiafest (can't be arsed to find BBC link now, might do later) = impressive, worrying, but much too tired to concentrate (it comes of the night before watching the afghan version, mixed with the tail end of The Talented Mr Ripley (It's got Miles [This Life] in it!), followed by Muse being much more serious rock than when I saw them).

And were the pics in G2 the actual Salam Pax? They're only in Tuesday's print version. If so, he's older than I imagined, but that's only because I forgot half the details (like him being 30ish).
And the whole dichotomy between what TB (The Dear Leader, if that's not too North Korea) said to the trade union bosses and what the press office said he would say. The latter fairly vitriolic, the former nothing of the sort (well according to the 10 DS press office it was necessarily the words but it was the feel of the speech, according to people listening it was somewhat milder). Except of course this disparity only emerged after most papers had started running with the officially released version. I wonder what they'll say tomorrow.

Hmm, half ranting tired ramblings. Well it's good exercise for my fingers, if not my brain. Oh sorry for the rantiness of yesterday as well. Waiting's annoying.

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