Thursday, October 02, 2003

Damn distracting recently posted blogs thing on Blogger's FP, because I invariably look at them (well the interestingly titled ones) and forget what i was going to talk about. Physics is fun. Indeed it is. Or at least quite interesting occasionally. And then start reading the links like this, and things get a bit more difficult (like using that Schroedinger's [sp?] cat thing to get electrons to be in two states and therefore not react in either state[1]). Actually (reading a bit more), I'm not sure it's as complicated as this.

[1] Only I would think of The Grand of Duke of York at this point (...they were neither up nor down).

Eek! I just remembered something that ought to have been done last month, only I couldn't do it then. So I'll have to get back to the other stuff I was going to do.
Back in mo (or possibly slightly longer, because this involves finding paperwork, which I was never very good at).

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