Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Eeek! People I know are getting engaged! And they're my age! And they're not rabid christians [1]! That's just worrying.

It's just so strange. Oh wowie congrats BTW, to the "yet another transatlantic couple" (TM).

Strewth though.

[1] Who at least have a fairly obvious reason for getting married.

Um, what else was there?
The sheer annoying badness that is job adverts that have paragraphs talking about fairness and equality, and then end in "as part of our Affirmative Action Scheme, the applicant must belong to an ethnic minority group". Distinctly unimpressed.
Other than providing fodder for the scary right's [that's the technical term] belief that "they come over here and take our jobs", it's just wrong. It's treating the symptom not the cause. It's like giving someone 2 paracetamol instead of a vaccination. Grrr.

Oh and to the guy who emailed - the embryo thing [see below] - no I'm not saying that embryo's are life, and must be protected as such. Because that would stop lots of important research (which given the usefulness of stem cells would be a bit foolish), and would agree with the catholic decree that every sperm is sacred, which quite frankly is pretty damaging[2].

[2] And given that Italy - a country renowned for it's amorousness and strict catholicism, has one of the lowest birth rates in Europe...possibly not everyone sticks to everything the pope says [telling AIDS ridden countries that contraception is bad - Gee that's a good move].

Oh and remind me not to move to California any time soon.

Moving swiftly on...Hoaxes. Did anyone actually watch that Derren Brown thing? I kept flicking over to it, but it was "wow someone shooting themselves, but we know Channel 4 won't show someone dying". And then we discover it was a blank - except can't they do quite a lot of damage at close range?
Though that UFO thing last night was quite amusing (at least after the slightly unhinged Wife Swap). Why is it only English people would do that? And how did we know it would involve large quantities of duct tape?

And hooray, Salam's back! Was a bit worried that having plugged the book that would be the end of it.

I just thought - what if the just engaged couple have kids? That would be mad (or at least the children would have to be given their parents [JOKING - in a please don't kill me way]).

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