Wednesday, October 22, 2003

From the sublime to the ridiculous. Some people live very different lives. Isn't it impressive where curiosity will take you? Provided you're not a cat, of course. Now that is going to go over the heads of so many people, and those that do get it will probably think "why bother?". Ay well.
And did you know that quote was Napoleon as he left Russia? Well neither did I until I read War and Peace (doing this whole "worthy" reading thang). Good book, except the last 20 pages take about as long as the rest of book to read. But people imposing themselves ostentatiously into novels has always annoyed me. Du sublime au ridicule il n'ya qu'un pas. And why is pas both 'not' and 'step'? Was it designed specifically to confuse people trying to translate that quote? And why does the " but one step" bit never get used?

Other news. Well scarcely news, but it's stuff that's happened. I over took Little Miss Ramming Speed, aka Scowly Woman, aka The Tai-chi Swimmer, whilst doing breaststroke. A. I really need to decide which of those I will call her. B. Competing with stupid women is bad. C. She didn't hit me this week (and didn't have her ring on). D. It's really rather pathetic I remembered and care.
I think I may actually be getting better at swimming. Note the may.

A wee bit "ah bless". Sorry for the format - but it's the only place I've found it (ok so I haven't looked hard). Somehow the concept of a bewigged QC doing the same doesn't quite work. we think this will run and run? Or will some nice diversionary tactic happen? Another invasion? Might cause a bit too much controversy. How about big tax cuts? Nope, done those. A big show trial for Saddam Hussein? If we could find him. Osama bin Laden could be easier to get - call his agent, will you - of course it'll mean lower ratings. Unless we jazz it up a bit. How about mixing a Big Brother/Pop Idol style eviction with that Darren Brown Russia Roulette thing? We could get the viewers to vote for which chamber he has to fire each week. Or maybe which gun - and when we get bored of that, we'll make sure the one he's using is an automatic. Make it really Russian - use an AK-47.
Unless we decide we want to go on holiday to Syria in 30 years time, in which case, kaboom-a-go-go. And when's Disney-Nam opening?
[/poor taste]
Anyway foodwards I go.

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