Thursday, October 30, 2003

G2 does it again. You know the big sun thing in Tate Modern...guess what they did - but there's only one pic on the website (see the print version for a bit more).
But who gets to clean the Turbine hall after the installation is removed - as I think they said they were using sugar solution to make the mist (apparently pure water doesn't look misty enough). That's going to be one very sticky building.

Also read the other stuff in G2 - but that goes without saying.

Though what is it with all the pop-ups advertising Christmas shopping in Chicago? I thought that's what New York was for (if you bother to do that sort of thing). And it is nearer. And it has more than one dodgy musical, ER and probably Bugsy Malone going for it.

And it must be the Grauniad - due the interesting variants on "Dar es Salaam" it uses within the same article.

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