Monday, October 06, 2003

Hmm - why do people bother using systems for fun in which the way to win consists of doing A, then B, B, B, wait a while C.
Blogshares [see crappy button] - where's the fun? It's just a poor mock up of a stock market where it seems nigh on impossible to lose money. It's just a mechanical stodge.
And yet I keep going back to it. Though it does provide an interesting array of blogs (aka another way of wasting time), although the amount of rubbish some people write...and don't worry this glasshouse of mine is double glazed so the stones bounce right off.

Chlorine is fun - especially when it makes you either seem like you're on drugs, have just flown back from australia, or have hay fever.
Did you know: that when swimming pools smell chloriney, that's because there isn't enough chloride in the swimming pool to kill off the bacteria - which instead break down the chemicals in the water to provide energy. That which doesn't kill us will make us stronger, or summat.
And people shouldn't be allowed to dive into swimming pools and start doing butterfly - cos A. it's really bloody depressing for all the people who've only just started again, and are fairly unfit. B. the wake sinks all the old dears doing breaststroke - but then these are people who go swimming but don't want to get their hair wet. It's a swimming pool - it is a big body of water in which one moves solely by contact with the water - I think wetness is fairly innate in the concept.

Trying to find pic...and can't now. As I commented on the Indy finding Blair's halo, I thought I better show IDS's to be fair - it's on the FP of the print version of the Telegraph. Except TB's was blue, and IDS's is whitey-yellow - so what's this say about each of them? Do halos work of the same colour scale as that aura malarkey?

Anyway, better go as being hassled (oh joy!).

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