Friday, October 31, 2003

How come G2 always makes one laugh? [Must stop only linking to G2].
And finally someone speaks sense - an Israeli general in this case (never thought I'd say that).
Though in the same section - an introduction to the word bobo. Who on earth came up with that? (and please don't interrupt my righteousness to say it says at the end of the article). Bohemian bourgeois.
And another odd word story (oh no!) - mojo. I'm guessing they don't have enough news to go around today.
Intriguing stuff - the origins of the somewhat bizarre [read scary] US oath of allegiance that they have to do in school.

Yes I did just snort - on the NYT site one of the pop-ups is by Barclays - which uses besuited men in bowler hats waiting for a Tube train, missing it, and then up comes "Opening a bank account in the UK can be difficult. Barclays - we make it easier". Bollocks. Other than using an image Bradford and Bingley [a building society] used for decades, for some as yet unknown reason (unless they think Americans think that UK business men actually dress like this, in which case that implies they imagine their potential customers to be completely clueless...), the statement is not true. They are banks - they're only too pleased to take your money (all even if it's only £5, or possibly £10 of it). So opening a bank account - not too hard. Barclays make it easier? This is Barclays we're talking about - the ones who are even more miserly and argumentative than Lloyds TSB. No amount of enigmatic Samuel L Jackson speech is going to change that.
Oh and BTW - Mr Jackson, and Mr Affleck (and the rest), I know it's a long standing tradition of Hollywood people to do crappy cash-cow commercials in some backwater, because it'll never get found out, but try not picking a English speaking one in Western Europe [especially one that resents the implication that it is a backwater]. Stick with Italy or possibly Laos on a bad day.

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