Saturday, October 18, 2003

How slow am I?

Finally remember what the music is in the bell ringing Weetabix ad [Not on their site]. I know it's a bit tragic I could remember, that I took so long to do it, and that I actually bothered trying to remember. Didn't help I thought it was the Dallas theme [aka the soundtrack to bedtime, which dates me] for awhile. Except the Dallas theme was the Bertolli ad wasn't it (something about oil barons)?
So Dallas and The A team are out, which will be the next 80's theme to get used? Anyone done Dukes of Hazzard[1]? Miami Vice?[2] Hawaii 5 O? Dynasty? [As you can tell only the finest American TV gets imported here].

[1]. Who of course spurred a craze for climbing into cars through the windows (I have a hunch it was supposed to be deftly leap, but we were only little). Shame that you'd have to go and unlock the car, then open the door, then wind down the window, then shut the door and climb in by putting your foot on the wheel (with a little help from one's brother). And that knob that locks the door really hurts when you land on it.

[2]. Does anyone actually remember the theme to this? Because I don't - I know it always had music, but other than not being allowed to watch it that's all I remember. That and the flying boats [was that even this show?].

Hmm, television has changed a lot, hasn't it?

And what does one do with chestnuts when it's not cold enough to feel you want them roasted?
Anyhoo, I'm off to ponder this and other great mysteries.

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