Wednesday, October 08, 2003

How weird is that - happening to catch a programme about Enid Blyton (bear with me here), that was filmed all round bits of Purbeck, and even includes someone who has always been the slightly annoying busybody round there - so happening to catch a shot of Durlston and thinking I know where that is, and then they have someone I know on it (being very him). Strange though as I thought he was dead, but I may have got confused, as this is Swanage we're talking about, and there's quite a lot of old people who keep dying (they do, it's like it's become a habit). Quite bizarre, shots of places from many holidays in a programme about books of what other people did in their holidays. But I never really liked her stuff though (well George was the best character), always more of an Arthur Ransom person.

And now for something completely different: Isn't nice when you get half remembered songs stuck in your head? Especially when doing backstroke, and when's it's a song you can't really burst out singing (not that I would do that with any song, but you know what I mean). And here are the lyrics as I think of them:

Look at me, with my fucked up Doctor Martens,
Look at me, with something in my eye,
Look at me, with my PhD in bullshit,
You know I never wanted to say it....
rest of chorus I can't remember.

Can ya tell what it is yet? Having got home and played what I thought it was, I then discovered that those words are about 50% accurate, and don't come from the same parts of the song. Opps.
For those that haven't guessed yet, it was of course: Never Knew You by Rootjoose[1], who are probably defunct by now. As are most of the other bands that my brother liked (and therefore I heard of). Such as Ruth [2], who became The 45s, then Aqualung shedding people along the way.
[1] who of course are Cornish and know I guy I knew at uni, whose friend I lived with (not through choice) also went to school with Craig David (feel the sheer wow factor). But then in this incestuous isle the 6 degrees of seperation tends to get you back to your own cousin.
[2] I annoyed my brother. I didn't go to see Ruth. On that night I went to see a local band called Muse. I thought they rocked, but in a Devon not quite charismatic way, my brother thought I was a fool to have missed Ruth. Which I think counterbalances not seeing Coldplay in a cellar because I had a headache (having been talking for that past 3 hours without stopping to breathe). Maybe not. But I'm odd, I came away from the Starsailor thing with the Lemonhead's version of Mrs Robinson stuck in my head (and it starts again now), cos the venue played afterwards [Starsailor also quite good, possibly with an extraneous quite. Even if I did stop in the middle and think "Did I hear right?" after the Daddy was an alcoholic line. Pretty passionate people].
I miss music.

Just realised I've not been doing links. Matt cartoon, rather amusing, assuming you know the IDS background (Tory leader, not Israeli Defense Service, who are otherwise known as the Army Sans Frontieres].
Quirky thing that tells you who's linked to a blog, which is quite interesting.
Something else I just saw. Completely random - Confuse the hell out of future archaeologists though.
Anyhoo, better go stuff.

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