Tuesday, October 21, 2003

It's early days yet, but I think this one has potential. For a start he uses words I have to look up: exegesis or bloviate, anyone? But then he is a foeto-lawyer at Carnegie Mellon [1]. And he's got me making up words now. Speaking of which - obviate - any guesses? It's in the blurb for the company my brother works for, and I know what it means, but have never found it in any dictionary.
And he doesn't like SUVs, so he can't be all bad.

[1] Not that I have any idea where that is (well ok so it says Washington DC on the page), it's just one of those places one hears about. Probably because it sounds so distinctive. Actually looking at other people's blogs there does seem to be a bit of a hub there, but then they are quite specific blogs.

A really rather good blog. Again sci-techy, so be warned. But it is the interesting bits of science.

Why is it so hard to swim in cold water? I went swimming yesterday, and the air temperature has dropped quite bit since last week [first noticeable frost this morning], so the air inside the pool building is cool and the pool itself is cool. So dive in, try doing a gentle start followed by batting up and down a bit, but just not having the energy. Whatever I did I didn't reach the stage where one feels the heat surging down one's limbs. I know I must have been using quite a lot of energy because of needing to breathe hard (well ok so I'm unfit as well, but you know what I mean), but I didn't have any power in my arms or legs, so I could never push hard. It's just a very odd feeling knowing you must be doing something, but not being aware of it.
Presumably the heat was being drawn out of my limbs more rapidly than usual by the cooler water, so that they didn't feel as warm, and that the muscle was cooler, and thus requiring greater energy input to maintain the same level of activity.
Bloody annoying though.

Anyway, need to go and feed myself.

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