Wednesday, October 01, 2003

The Labour Party Conference - where to begin?
It's not fair - my claim to stunning originality has been ruined, as after Blair's "I've not got a reverse gear" speech thing, both the Guardian and the Indy ran with a play on Thatcher's "the lady's not for turning". But I thought of it first, well ok so possibly not, but it was at least independent of them. And then I discover that she said that in 1981. I'm guessing I didn't hear the original then. Admittedly I did only think of that after suddenly having a very silly song bounding round my head - sometime in the 80s there was, what I presume must be one of those quirky novelty hits, the chorus to which was "startreking across the universe, always going forwards cos we can't find reverse". Which isn't quite what you expect a political speech to inspire.

On to his actual speech: good hesitant cringing slightly at the end of some of the statements - in a "will the accept this, or are they about to start booing and throwing stuff?" way. And then the tirade doesn't happen so he carries on. And do they never build reinforced rostrums for political things? Do they think it's a good idea to try and distract people with a quivering set? Hey maybe the audience will be too busy betting on when the microphone falls off to listen to the cause of the vehemency.

Also in the newsnight stuff - they had a clip of the conference that had sticker playing upon the "I [heart] NY" image, but with TO stuck in front of the NY. So it reads "I [heart] TONY". Oh dear. If any use deserves suing by the New York tourist people, it's that. Of course it also makes one think - what is NY as a verb? What is NYing?...Well if it's I love to NY, then NY must be verb. Maybe that's just me (in pedant mode), refusing to believe that anyone would wear that in earnest.

Anyway it was nice to see Jeremy Paxman getting on well with politicians for once (and of course not taking the piss at all).

And how hard did the Indy have to try to get Blair's halo (on the front page of today's internet version).

In other news...Going too far? How the hell does David Blaine expect to wow the world when you've got people doing this to each other? Actually how is the national's favourite goldfish? As he's managed to fall completely off the radar screen (other than a brief mention in reference to IDS, as a man wasting away, and disappearing in silent insignificance).

Oh and apparently someone finally pointed out the large cannabis plant that's been growing in the middle of a roundabout on the main road through the town. The best bit is the local garden centre, who provide the plants and the maintenance for the roundabout, had no idea it was there [insert poor joke about weeding here].

Even though I try not to repost stuff straight from B3ta, this stunning waste of time has to be done - it looks so simple.
Almost as fearsomely addictive as Gridlock. Haven't played in a while but that's because I'm stuck on level 38 (or somewhere round there), at which point it just becomes impossible.

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