Sunday, October 26, 2003

Oooh synchronicity - the guy I dubbed as "ridiculous" in the last post posted just as I logged in.
Well that's interesting huh?

Anyhoo - I never did get round to posting this before did I? (from the BBC). Quite interesting in a bizarre quirky way. And it even comes with pretty pics. Admittedly it appears to have sunk beneath bandwidth onslaught at the moment.

And how can gaining an hour make one so tired? Ok so this has more to do with giving people lifts last night and taking the wrong turning and so spending ages driving round single track lanes going in the wrong direction. But we saw some deer and an owl, so it's not like that 45 mins was wasted. Though I knew our navigation had gone badly wrong [Warning: don't trust adamant drunken people] when I recognised where we were from school cross-country runs.

Though at least it seemed warmer yesterday than on Friday. Whilst Concorde may be a stunning piece of engineering, and incredibly elegant, standing on a hill watching the last 3 come into Heathrow can also be bloody cold - regardless of the multiple layers making me about 6 ft wide. And do people who reply "Look where I'm looking" when asked where they've seen something, know how annoying they are? Whilst the rest of world uses things like "Two fingers up from halfway between the gas tank and the furthest block on X industrial estate, just above the mill over the railway", some people will still reply "By the pylon" even when looking over half the national grid.

And I discovered that philanthropic people who set up museums and things tend to have quite good taste in houses (even if my initial response to being told "It's Getty's House" is "Getty? Oh that Getty").

Vaguely interesting. And they claim the BBC is a vital national institution?

The Marmite thing - well I like it, so that's all that matters (and how can you not?). It is always funny though when innocent fools (usually American) assume it's like chocolate spread - so dip their finger in, and stick a large amount in their mouths. Strangely they seem to be amongst the "loathe it" camp.


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