Friday, October 31, 2003

Opps. Helps if I remember to take off the [Draft] tag. Not that I really need to class it as draft in the first place, as the stuff here is pretty much unedited (apart for sticking it through a spell check - well sometimes).

How to turn slightly worried and a bit annoyed to cross - the last paragraph in this article. Sprinkle some magic fairy dust and all the nasty demons will go away.
But what if you kill innocent people? Minor collateral damage, anyway it's not like they're real people.
What right have you to put people to death? What, other than being anointed by God?
What happened to the victim's right to a fair trial/due process? It's ok because it's a non-domestic military action (in a non-war scenario).

Or have I misunderstood? Maybe the intention only ever was to find ways of killing all the Afghan rabbits.
Maybe they just wanted to find out what terrorist might do. Of course they could have done that theoretically, but that'd be no fun (and be a damn sight harder to get government funding for).

Was going to lay into Wetware's suggested applications for mainly computer, remainder human[1] systems, but really don't feel like it now.
[1] Obviously he's better at coming up with less cack-handed names. See Monday for link [meaning I really ought to stick him in the ones on the left, but haven't].

Anyhoo, I'm off to skulk round b3ta in an effort to cheer myself up.

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