Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Quel suprise. 25 MPs say they don't support IDS. Are there 25 who actively do? Or has he remained thus far because there's no obvious replacement? Unfortunately I think this is true - IDS is not PM material, he cannot communicate, he cannot sound convincing, he'd announce winning the lottery in the same tone of voice as he would use for telling someone he just ran over their dog. The words may be beautifully crafted, engineered to capture the audience, but no-one listens, the quiet man is shouting into vacuum. When you have former editors of the Torygraph calling the leader of the conservative party a turnip, you know something has gone wrong.
Yes, it's wrong to vote for the charismatic over the able, but a complete lack of charisma negates any ability. The message is not heard. Even when standing on the steps of Conservative Central Office addressing the nation live, surrounded by lackeys and the media, with Dearest Betsy at his side (practising her Pittman), the automaton clicks on - the lips are moving, there are Marr-esque hand gestures, and one is thinking of something completely different.
But who to replace him? During the Newton's cradle of politics Labour nicked the middling ground, bouncing the Tories off to somewhere near rabid. Those that can win the nation, and become PM, cannot win the party, and vice versa. There seems to be part of the party that assumes the populace of the country's change towards more moderate and egalitarian views is fluctuation, not progression. Standing visibly a long distance from the prey, and waiting for them to come closer is not viable strategy.
The Tories are in a near barren hinterland, and are arguing over who gets which chair. It's not really the issue.
How long does this have to continue before they notice? And how long will it be before the Lib Dems suddenly gain power? Or will New Labour keep winning by default?
But then there's the cliched "they're all politicians, they're all the same". But why should they be?
Is apathy the same as indecision through lack of choice?

Sorry, it just annoys me that ideals not only are not allowed, but they're not to be suggested.

And now a little light relief to make the world seem a happier place.

After milling about the Guardian for a bit, I came across this. Good pic of him, n'est pas? Sieg heil? Or more "Please Miss, I need the loo"? Even people supporting him can't make him look good.
I love the "If you have one, email your Conservative MP...". For those who haven't upgraded yet...
Also curious that on the list of 4 supporters, there's one who is strongly suggested as the most likely replacement. And I don't mean Miss Kitten Heels (or the Fop).
Taken from the site (under 10 excellent IDS policies [is that all he could come up with?]) 3. Conservatives will scrap all university tuition fees and top-up fees. That's a Tory policy? Are they trying skirt round to the back of Labour? Now I'm confused.
Also what are BAC kids?
Doomsday Diary is quite fun though (and what's Doomsday about it?).

And part of me also thinks this is part of one big hoax - like the I [Heart] TONY thing.

And it was made by Politico's Designs - and on their page there's a selection of their work - with Christine Hamilton hovering over a site about the menopause. Weird. And the Lib-dem's history is slung between Oliver Letwin and Margaret Thatcher.
They've also done the official shops from Labour, Tories, and Lib-dems. Spot which are the ardently capitalist group, and which are the theorists. Also interesting the way the Tories happily mix fact, opinion and fiction. And why is the first book the same on all of them (Blair's Wars). The West Wing? 24? I'm fairly sure these aren't conservative works. Actually further investigation shows that they're all the same.
And I'm giving up, before I go mad.
Speaking of which - one last thing. Oh dear.

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