Thursday, November 06, 2003

And I'm a reviewer - apparently. For some reason the Southern Cross peeps have decided to quote me - even though it sounds like me damning them with faint praise (which wasn't the intention). Oh well.

And this is truly evil (yes I know it was on B3ta). A quiz on 80s lyrics. Guess who got 30.5 points - 4 of which were from recognising the song from the [spirito de] Punto advert [woah-wa-wa-woah]. So maybe I did shockingly badly, but hey it's biased towards Americans, and people who actually listened to 80s music - hence not having a clue about some of them even when they had the answers.

So...interest rate rises - good, bad or confusing? Depends on what proportion of people did that self-cert mortgage thing[1] and how well they planned for rate changes.
[1] Whereby someone earning £30k can get a mortgage more than the normal maximum of 3.5 x salary, through claiming that they earn £50k (or whatever) - because self cert stuff doesn't require evidence of earnings. Yes it's illegal - but many mortgage advisors recommend it [see the BBC's Money Prog thing from a couple of weeks ago], and provided the homeowners make the repayments the lenders don't care.

Wow, what a surprise - it went up. 0.25% really doesn't sound like it should be so important in such brinkmanship.

And Yukos rumbles on - the Russians investing in English football clubs thing makes more sense now. Originally I assumed it was a tax dodge, but now I've also realised it's a bit hard to freeze a high profile sports organisation in a different country.

A quirky thing. Assuming it was him (well given the amount of stuff trying to prove otherwise...).

Scanning other stuff - Am I supposed to have heard of Paris Hilton? And isn't that going a bit far - I mean giving her the name of not only the city where she was conceived but the hotel they were staying in at the time as well? This mean her other names are The Ensuite of Room 442? Yes I know her surname got given to the hotels, but surely her parents didn't have to pick a name that makes her sound like a hotel?
And looking at the other popular stories on SMH - I obviously don't read Heat enough (ok so I've never read it, but we've all got to have stuff to aspire to right?).

Something in it - or just filling pages?
The power of Prescott?

Anyhoo, that's about it for now.

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