Friday, November 21, 2003

A. It looks like technorati is working again, having checked their news section only to find that it was all Michael Jackson and gay Massachusetts (which either suggests their scanning bot was broken, or the blogosphere is incredibly insular and US-biased).

B. Via technorati - Swedes trust Ikea. And hurrah! Someone else is as anal as me, and looked up their difference in prices (See 7th Sept. post). And does anyone else keep misreading IAEA as IKEA and vice versa? Hence I was rather surprised to see a news story about IKEA in North Korea. So now I have images of Kim Jong-il vs flat pack furniture.

C. It is just me, or does anyone else think the concept of a radio programme having a photo-comp is slightly odd?

D. Somebody else has noticed - Jonny Wilkinson's special pre-kick stance. [Which I've just realised got commented upon in email, but never in this blog. Opps].

E. Somehow I missed this. First G2, now political slogans, so how long will it be before some cunning advertising executive decides to get people to spell out ASDA or Tesco? Although given the colour it really ought to be a group of people spelling out "the future's bright...".

F. They'd better not change them. Weetabix - the most improbable market leaders ever. And yet they've still only got 7%, although strangely most people I know have them (when they bother with breakfast that is). But according to the article some guy soaked his for 12 minutes in milk - that just sounds incredibly soggy. But then I'm odd enough to have had conversations about methods of eating them - and by far the most popular way is to place them on edge, so the milk soaks into most of it, but leaves the top crispy. Oh, and if you want a new building material - try having Weetabix and yogurt - because all the fluid goes into the weetabix and the rest of the yogurt sets solid.

G. Why am I lettering everything?

H. Feel I ought to follow up the Turkey bombings, but I'm not quite sure how. Strange that some aspects of the media are busy rattling away about it being an Islamic country, and therefore not to be trusted etc., but it is supposed to be a future member of the EU. It always has been pretty westernised (heck, it probably helped westernise the west at one point), and is growing more so. Just getting annoyed by so much repetitive stuff. Oh well.

I. So whilst the US continues it's burgeoning trade war with the EU, they've decided to help form FTAA[1] (why's that look like it should be said as Fatter?), although retaining the right to opt out of certain clauses - especially the ones effecting farming subsidies, especially certain subsidies for citrus farmers, who just so happen to keep the president's younger brother in power (and guess what's on the list the EU want to put retaliatory tariffs on?).
[1] It's either that or what I presume is the Latin acronym - ALCA, which sounds like it's missing the -hol-ic.

J. Opps, being dim - was about to say the EU get to get Greenland, but them remembered it's semi-Danish anyway isn't it? Guess it'll keep having to edge eastwards then (at least until they decide the barrier between Europe and Africa is the Sahara, not the Mediterranean).

K. Anyone else see the irony in having to teach Blogger's spell check the words blog and blogosphere? Wish it could do English English though (Colour goes to cooler). And it really didn't like Weetabix.

Anyhoo, that's enough ramblings for now.

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