Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Couple of good posts on Signal + Noise - various sexual stuff, and the manipulation of science. Except for the latter link being put up purely to get him quoting someone else (the "this is what anti-whatever groups might say" bit, and yes I am aware that that was horrendously paraphrased). But it's always easier to read the quote not the original (BTW how many biologists have actually read The Origin of Species?). When S+N is talking about genetic influence, I wonder whether he intentionally chose affect not effect.

Wetware's suggestions for the use of nature in developing technologies - pretty much copy the process not the result. The next day's post about using evolutionary techniques to develop banner ads makes an interesting comparison to Douwe Osinga's use of averaging webpages to produce the optimum (and it's beige, which either has implications on the effects of design by committee, or suggests the world aims to be as inoffensive as possible).

Salam Pax has a face. Courtesy of Newsnight. No more strategically placed hands, no more skulking in the shadows. Ok so it seemed more impressive last night when I turned on halfway through - and strangely knew it had to be him (well how many other Iraqis get to be on television talking about buildings?). He was buying Bailey's (oh dear).

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