Friday, November 28, 2003

Does anyone else find it slightly off-putting to turn on the television and know someone on it? Especially when they're doing better than you in Countdown.

And Google seems to have started liking me (maybe Douwe Osinga has the answer), even if there are some odd things that turn up as searches. Anyone going to own up to searching for jonny wilkinson changing room images? Must have been desperate enough to go through 3 pages of results though. Any of you lot ever heard of Gollum as the name of a band? As in lyrics to gollum's song "a swimming pool", presumably some band in Canada (and I must stop thinking the .ca extension means California). PLoS Sprinkle is a curious one, as I've no idea what they were after. And some poor BBC researcher came and looked me up for Holidays in the Danger Zone. In which list I get to be last. Horray! Fun job that must be, checking out every reference. Also get to be last for Glasgowland.

And for those that get this bit instead of the post where I discuss whatever it is you're looking for try clicking here and then type your search term in the box after the "" bit.

Now this is the bit that confuses me - for a direct search for Anyhoo, I get to be 6th - of very many. Which kinda damns anyone below me. Unless of course Google are rating the fact it's on Blogspot - which just happens to be part of their empire. Ok, so having checked out the opposition, coming 6th isn't exactly a stunning endorsement of this blog, but then some of the other results might be a bit more use to humanity (or very small subsections of it). And I get the added advantage of Google reliably informing me I probably meant "anywho" (which looks like even less of a word). And here I was thinking "anyhoo" is a corruption of "anyhow".

And continuing the theme of self absorbed introspection:
Plot your politics. Me, I'm Economic Left/Right: -3.12, Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.00 apparently. So that's somewhere between the Canadian PM (I think), The Dalai Lama, and Nelson Mandela. Kind of laissez-faire semi-socialist (maybe, if that's possible). Is this good? Possibly I also gave my idealist, not pragmatist, set of answers.
Going though other stuff on the site is quite fun - except for raising questions like, why are all the US politicians on the same axis?
Though according to the UK political spectrum I'm between the Lib Dems and the Greens. Eeek! For a start the Greens, despite some good aims, also have some seriously misunderstood (on their part) concepts, and are a bit useless anyway. The Lib Dems - well they're pretty harmless, a good way of avoiding voting for either Tory Party[1], whilst still voting because it feels wrong not to (unless you've got assessed work to be doing, have no idea who the candidates are, and don't care much anyway) [2].

[1] That was an typing/editing error[3] (and should have read "the tory or labour party", but I think it works better as a Freudian slip.
[2] And when are politicians going to target students in local elections? As where I went to uni they were over a tenth of the population, and did care about politics, it's just the politics didn't care about them. I just found it odd that normal residents would repeatedly get campaign stuff flung at them, and yet there's a large chunk of people registered to vote who can't get information.
[3] Which implies that this gets edited, which, as you may have guessed, is quite simply not true (well much).

Well anyhoo, how or way, I think that's all folks[4].

[4] Until I get bored again, or find something I find interesting.
Speaking of which: The Texan Language. And I can't figure out how to put "speaking of which" in Texan phonetics.

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