Sunday, November 09, 2003

Er...any one else see the rugby?
That whole Wales finishing the first half ahead thing - not good.
But at least England won in the end, just not very convincingly.
For those looking confused - there's a little comp on at the mo, called the World Cup (that’s World as in more than one country, so not like the World Series), it’s a bit like American Football but much better.

And when did the national anthem become "God save OUR Queen"? Is it some sort of backlash against the republicans in Australia? Although I've never heard quite such a hammed up version as the one before the game (complete with people singing lots of Ahs to replace the instrumental bits).

So anyway, other stuff - going to see fireworks yesterday evening - but going to the snobby ones on top of the hill, instead of the ones on the flood plain (which is usually trying to flood around now). Admittedly the ones on the hill were bigger and yet cheaper, although there was a distinct lack of Tannoyed bad pop music. And then getting back home in time to see the flood plain ones from the kitchen (but having to bend down to see the big ones)
Some observations: very few car alarms being triggered this year - don't know why. For some reason sodium was in this year - well there were a lot that matched the streetlights. Strangely in one part of the valley all the bangs sound like someone chucking a tennis ball against a shed - but only in this one place. Couples having rows are funny - especially when it's obvious they've been told the fireworks are at whatever time, by the church by the bridge, which is where they are now standing - Sorry it's the other church by the other bridge. And hills have an incredible warming effect - especially when buried under many layers including gloves, scarf and hat, and being late to having to go fast uphill.

And funny thing - McJob - Sorry MacDonalds but most of your jobs are McJobs (is it only TM if the OB and S are capitalised?).
A message left at Merriam-Webster's headquarters in Springfield, Massachussetts, was not immediately returned Friday evening. Well duh, how many people are still going to be in an office on a Friday night? Yeah there'll probably be someone in on Saturday, but still...
How does one spell Massachusetts?

And the Royal saga continues - in SMH and places - and suddenly it's hit the stage of "that's not what I thought it was", and now it's very, very confusing, and not apparently all that related to the royal family. So I give up trying to work out who was saying what about whom and what. And anyway I'm bored of this story (or lack thereof) now.

There was something that was the going to be the point of this post - but I can't remember it now.

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