Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Hello Angry People from The Mighty Maloney.

I have a hunch there's been a slight misunderstanding somewhere along the line. The sublime to the ridiculous thing [see the post from 22nd Oct] - it was a way of contrasting two different unrelated links (instead of saying "A link. Another link"). A bit of a cumbersome way of doing it, but hey that's me.

I was about to get all defensive and protest my innocence, but then realised what you've seen.
"But people imposing themselves ostentatiously into novels has always annoyed me" - As it's in the middle of a paragraph about War and Peace, I was slamming Tolstoy not TMM (in the book there's quite a lot of his own personal opinions put clumsily into a fictional plot, which I find distracting and irritating). Sorry for the rambling haphazardness of the topics and any confusion it may cause.

Other than rather tactlessly putting the link under the word ridiculous, and describing TMM's life as very different (which it is, what with the whole him being a confident guy in a different continent), there was no intentional personal slight. I read TMM's blog because it's intriguing, not to allow me to deride it.

And as for the charge of being a hypocrite - well yes I probably am (but maybe not in ways you know), but then isn't everyone?

Sorry for apparently feeding TTM's vitriolic ire.

Anyway that's about it for my futile attempt at damage limitation.

And wow - a lot of people must read that blog.

As for good words - always quite liked plethora myself.

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