Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Hmm, I'm really doing well on this little bundle of joy thing. First bashing the axle of evil, CNN and Bush, and now today's incredibly happy happy joy joy moments.
Getting changed after swimming (it's got easier again, but I still must look like someone doing semaphore underwater), and a dad comes in with his two children - who are both girls. This is in a male changing room, which is largely open plan. There were some empty cubicles, but they're quite small so only children normally use them. Yes I can understand if the children are too young to dry and dress themselves properly (although usually in that case the father sticks them in cubicle so they can't see or be seen), but these girls weren't that young. And they were standing discussing the assorted male genitalia in the room (in terms of which was better).
Am I being completely odd in thinking this is at best a little strange?

And then as I leave another couple of girls appear.

So now the world is conspiring to make me sound a right miserable sod.

And the CNN thing - ok so maybe some of it isn't exactly accurate (or spelt right), but you wouldn't want me to be right, would you? There is nothing worse than someone who is indignant and right.

And how this for media priorities - We get tonnes on the possible actions and effects of the Bush camp appearing on the country. We also get comment on the Queen opening a new war memorial in Hyde Park, and a passing comment about John Howard presence. Er...after a brief consultation with various normally well informed people, I discover none of us even knew he was in the country. John Howard is the Prime Minister of Australia.
Sorry Oz[1], you may give the world cheap daytime soaps, beer you wouldn't drink yourselves, and a surfeit of people to star in pantomime, but still you just don't count (and as for the solitary confinement wing, or New Zealand as it's sometimes known[2]...).
[1] And am I the only person who thinks calling the place Oz implies that the inhabitants are all friends of Dorothy? [Not that there's anything wrong with that, before the indignant people strike again].
[2] Yes that is in there just to piss YOU off.
And according to my brother don't refer to it as that there's a Kiwi present (person, not fruit or bird). Apparently you get bombarded by bits of cabbage. Of course you could just ensure they don't have cabbage available, but you never know where the next cabbage could come from.

Anyhoo, I think smuggling cabbage is about as far as I want to go today[3].

[3] And how many times in one's life does one get to say that?

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