Tuesday, November 25, 2003

How bizarre - flicking around watching rubbishy TV, when I happened to catch an Anchor Butter advert [Click Techno Cows]. Ok so nothing terribly odd about that, except it was in the style of Weebl and Bob. Which isn't the approach most advertisers would take. And apparently it is genuine Weeblness.

Strangely for an advert about cows, there's no sign of Wee Bull (who's bound to turn up in a Red Bull advertisement).

And one of those is it just me things - Paintings by Michael-Angelo and covers of Terry Pratchett books, strangely similar. Ok so not that there's any reason why they should not be, but it just feels a bit "who'da thunk it". And now can't find the pic I want to back that up. Oh well. And that'll be the Josh Kirby UK paperback versions of his Discworld books.

And how much fun is this - being sent a prototype quiz - on 80's films, designed by a sci-fi biased accountant for her work's do. And she knows some pretty obscure (and boring?) stuff. And isn't all that exact about words and punctuation. And thought bats were rodents. This from someone who got a 1st at Oxford in Biology.

And Hurrah! It's pouring again. Because it's not like having continuous rain over the weekend was bad enough. Having more rain falling in 2 days than fell in the previous 3 months is immense fun.

Hmm, and there was so much more I was going to do, but can only partly remember.

PS. And isn't it great when gas fires give you a headache?

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