Tuesday, November 04, 2003

The Mesh thing (from yesterday) - go to year 03 films - and the one I was talking about is the first. Though having seen the others from this year, I think it's probably the best film and best tie-in. But maybe that's a reflection on my lack of patience with the Glasgowland one (and annoyance at taking so long to figure out the Glaringly one).

A story strangely not involving bestiality.

As I type, on the radio - Jo Whiley interviewing Britney Spears - wasn't really listening, but just heard Jo Whiley give her something [book/diary?] with her initials embossed on it...I do so hope there's another letter to go between the B and the S.

Not really funny - but how many times does this happen?

Only in America (I hope).

And once again forgetting to post this - I blame G2.

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