Saturday, November 15, 2003

[Much swearing]. Blogger. Saves post. Nearly. Was quite a long post as well. Grr. So building up from what's left:

Oh wow, one of the industrial buildings down the road is on fire. Again. They always seem to be. Must have either a very annoyed or very gullible insurance company.

Breaking News: I bought some clothes. For the first time in about a year and a half (actually probably a bit more). Although it was in M&S, so it's stuff you'd never normally notice. And why do their longer sleeve shirts only come white or blue? Or blue and white checks. Bloody gangly arms.

And the level of busking/street entertainment has improved - there was an electronic 3 piece strings group (electronic instruments, so just the minimal frames plus an amp or two), who actually played quite well. It's interesting watching the reaction of the crowds to the different music they played.
Mucho summarised because I can't be arsed to retype it all (there was other stuff between the stuff below, but I wasn't around).
Proper Jazz (quite fast and fun) = big crowd, much movement, high rate of income.
Famous Hungarian dance = same size crowd, bit more movement, still high income rate.
Quite cool version of the Beatles's "Look at all the lonely people" (not sure if that's the proper title) = Slightly small crowd, higher retention rate, slightly lower income.
Slowish Mozart = Crowd shrinks, low retention rate, erratic, mostly low income.
Some other traditional strings classic, again slow = very little crowd, very little income.
Greensleeves = nearly no crowd, few discernible donations.

I only hope they didn't sink to the level of playing the song from Frogger [Beethoven's Fur Elise].
Frogger [sometimes called Hopper] - simple 80's game which I played on a BBC (back when they made computers). Basically jumping a across a busy road and a crocodile infested river. It was good when I was young and it was new, ok?

Or that bloody bit of one of Mozart's Horn Concertos, which they based an entire series of a music for schools programme around (the one with the annoying gnome cupping his ear). After 8 weeks of the same 4 bars, you really aren't keen on it.

And I just tried spelling gnome as knome. Isn't dyslexia great?

And I've still got the Hungarian dance stuck in my head - but that's maybe because I looked up what it was because I knew it was famous, yet I didn't remember it. Apparently Brahms's Hungarian Dance No. 5.

And as it's cropped up nearly everywhere - Belle du jour.

There was other stuff, but I can't remember, so it probably doesn’t matter.

PS. The fire's probably out now, as this sat as a draft for ages.

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