Sunday, November 30, 2003

Oh dear, I feel much too old (and yet strange young). Happened to catch the opening of Flight of the Navigator on television. And then proceeded to watch the rest of the film. Was one of my favourite films when I was young[er] - and even then I think I managed to catch the beginning by accident. I guess it's just a nice film that happened to be around at the right time - it was made in 1986, so presumably first aired at Christmas in 1988/9[1]. Which would make me about 8 or 9, and thus still in the sweet and innocent age (like I ever was, or maybe I never left it).

And it's really bizarre watching stuff from one's youth, and seeing someone in it who is in a not so childish programme today (yet strangely looking much the same). [Sarah Jessica Parker in case you were wondering, she of Sex and the City fame].

[1] Because obviously my parents were too miserly to take me to the cinema[2], except on very rare occasions (otherwise known as we're on holiday, it's raining, and they've had enough of being pressganged into playing Monopoly), such as going to see Bambi, and strangely all I remember of it is Thumper (deer, what deer?).
[2] Admittedly the only film I remember people talking about was Star Wars and they were always on at Christmas (until for some reason they stopped showing any of them, which according to the playground, was because Russia didn't like them, because they were advertising Reagan's weapons scheme, which I think was dubbed Star Wars, and we didn't want to annoy Russia[3]. Pretty complex and informed for playground logic).
[3] Which was actually the USSR[4] back then, when they had Gorbachev, America had Reagan, and we had Thatcher (and her archnemesis Kinnock). It came as a shock to discover that the world hadn't always been so, and wasn't going to remain so.
[4] and her sister ship the HMS S, as the very bad joke went (though strangely it always had to be explained).

IMDBing - whatever became of Joey Cramer (he who played David)?

That mean a repeat of Batteries Not Included is due as well? Well we've already had the annual wet weekend fest[5] that is A Town like Alice [which isn't a children's film, but I remember it from then].

[5] So called because that's when it's usually on.

And unfortunately I can't think of a suitable set up that would allow me to say "Compliance".

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