Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Oh what are we going to do with them? According to Channel 4 News (who of course don't have it on their website[1]), a third of all Americans visiting Scotland think haggis is an animal. Ah bless! Sorry to disillusion you, but haggis is not a sort of fox, but a not particularly nice variant of a sausage. Usually oats and miscellaneous bits of sheep chopped up, and stuffed into a sheep's stomach. Often served with such delights as mashed turnips. As produced by psuedoscots the world over, on Burns night, accompanied by a poem addressing the aforementioned sausage. As the poem is like a mix of Chaucer and the Jabberwocky, this makes for a thoroughly enjoyable evening. [And why isn't there a universal font for sarcasm?].
[1] But I'm sure someone else must have picked it up. See SMH is good for something (other than reprinting UK and US articles).

And why is this under "Strange but true" - UK judge finds man guilty of drink driving, despite him only spinning the wheels of his car. Given the law implies that you can been done for being in the car with the keys, whilst over the limit, why is this odd? He put the keys in the ignition, started the engine and engaged the wheels.

And what's this say about Australia - an article about the merry land of Oz having a small town mentality and directly beneath it on the front page of the website, guess what - an article about people going to marvel at a big ship.

And more stats - this from some faceless MP "only one fifth of X object, so that's 90% who support it". Yep you can see why he found it necessary to go into politics, rather than cope with the real world. But then the media can be just as dappy - like certain Newsnight presenters (and some others), when discussing the front pages of newspapers - most of which were at one point covered with rugby related pics, and saying repeatedly "And The Whatever also has a shot of a football boots". This being said when there's a rugby ball in shot, and the accompanying article is about rugby. Yep you play rugby with football boots, just like you play golf with a hockey stick (same difference, it's stick thing with a hooky bit on the end).

And now I should probably type "anal pedant=off", but it so wouldn't be true.

It had to happen, after all people tried to get Jedi recognised as a religion - the Matrix philosophy. I'm going to stop now as CNN is, as per usual, providing more than enough ammo to annihilate it (if you're lucky you might get to see the 5 or 3 legged dog that gets equal footing with stories on Guantanamo, NATO in Afghanistan, etc).

Do you ever get the impression that the world is verging on the somewhat unhinged?

Which reminds me (but don't ask me to explain how) - why do Americans say "I could care less", when they mean "I couldn't care less"?
Anyhoo, I think that's enough being annoying for one day.

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