Sunday, November 02, 2003

Oooh the joys of helping parents - father deciding to do duck for Sunday lunch [because it was cheap in Sainsbury's]. Well first is the fact he didn't think about starting till about half twelve. Now bear in mind it's 2 and a bit kilograms, and it's supposed to be 20 mins per 1lb/500g plus another 20 for luck. Father: "right so that's about 50 minutes". didn't get much sleep did you? The 2.31 thing is kilograms not pounds [at least he wasn't reading the price]. So...about 2 hours sound right?
Then he decides he needs to take the giblets out first. He can't find them.
"Hang on, there's an odd looking thing here, I'll try and get that out".
"Um, Father...that's the spine".
"Oh", as he prods stuff. "I know what they've done - they've forgotten to do any butchery on it - look there's the lungs".
"Those two dark lumps there".
"Where? These? You know it's a bird and it flies, what do you think powers that? Could they be the pectoral muscles, the thing that makes up the breast?" [did he not notice the lack of tubes and their solidness considering they are supposed to be filled with air?].
"Oh. So they've forgotten to put them in then?".
"Um, you see the plastic bag down there...the plasticky thing in the middle?". After a bit of shaking and hauling a bloody bag emerges.
And then for the fun bit - identifying the bits. Well other than there being two hearts...I'm guessing they just grab a handful of gunky stuff and fling it in. Birds have weird anatomy, especially when it's been hacked to bits.

Anyway after that I left him to it (possibly because I can't stand the pre-gravy simmering giblets smell).

And now it's linky time!
The periodic table revisited. Argh, IE just did that auto-fit window thing on the JPEG version, so now there's very small chaos (looks nearly as fun as that sheet of hormone interacts one can get). And apparently the very good Web Elements is still going (remember using it for college). Anyway it's an interesting take on the table, though there's almost too much information to make sense. Or mistake though - on the JPEG it has when the elements where recognised (yellow pentagon), but the time scale skips from 1862-1963. Opps.
And I think that'll do for the time being.
Anyhoo...can’t go and have lunch because it's not cooked yet.

PS. And stupid MS Word wants to change "bear" to "bare", in bear in mind. And yet they managed to take over the world.

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