Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Oooh wow, suddenly they all come at once.

Hello to Casino Avenue people - who I've just noticed posts as Inspector Sands[1], and who also recommends Holidays in the danger zone - which is one of those good programmes that becomes annoying because they insist on sticking it on after Newsnight (which also gives one a bizarre sense of deja vu in the morning when one sees the newspapers - because you've already seen them yesterday before going to bed). So I wonder where else they are going to do - because they've done the Danger Zone and the Axis of Disneyland next then?
[1] It's a very bad thing to hear when you're one the Tube. B3ta had a big thread explaining all such codes.

And hello to the people from Southern Cross.

And to the certain [presumably] Maloneyites - quit with the hate mail (at least it's an apt night for fireworks[2]). It's not even very good hate mail, although it makes an interesting change from the endless cam live now/need a degree?/cheap organic viagra spam. Though strangely I'm getting a lot of pre-order Finding Nemo ones as well.
And can you get organic viagra - well presumably it's got carbon in, so it must be, but somehow I don't think that's the sense they meant.
[2] It's a UK thing - some guy decides to blow up parliament, and we celebrate ever after (what exactly are we celebrating? That he tried or that he failed?). See the possibly poor taste pic on Casino Av. (which only works because Americans can't get their dates right).
And I've just noticed the truly stunningly awful (though fortunately not intentional) pun.
Anyhoo, I'm off to fail to see fireworks (the joys of hills).

PS. Diving down to rescue parts of someone's goggles from the pool filter is not a good idea when it has not been cleaned in a long time. Especially when you can't find the stuff you were looking for.

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