Monday, November 03, 2003

Update: He also put the treacle tart straight on the oven shelf (no baking tray), hence one lightly grated tart when I tried to take it out. And I thought I was being uncharitable in the last post.

Last night TV - Correspondent on Israel (isn't it always?) and the actions of the IDF/IOF (that's Israeli Defence Force, not the now even more quiet man). The usual.
Also Panorama on the South Wales Police. Pretty damning. How long will it be before the police complain the BBC is biased against them, after exposes on racism in London and Manchester, and now them making up very dodgy evidence?

How am I supposed to describe this? Other than possible Ig Noble fodder, or more charitably a marketing gimmick.

Hmm, I know I kept this as draft for a reason, but I can't remember why.
Anyway I'm still in post swim can't-quite-see stingy eyes mode, so I'll give up.

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