Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Distinctly unimpressed by Hotmail's new look - now with even less functionality.
It doesn't help that it's lost all the new messages that weren't from today (the ones I'd left to remind me to do something about them). And it's also decided that something from September counts as new.
Oh got it now, stupid thing decided to stick new stuff at the end, under the oldest stuff (which is off the bottom of the page because I'm bad at sorting out my inbox).
And I can't find delete. Bloody Microsoft (and don't point out that I chose to use their service, as my main account predates them buying out whoever owned it before [back when they had that half-globe half-portcullis logo]).

And what's Error 500 mean? Cause it's all I can get when I try to access any blog on blogspot.
And blogger's slower on the uptake than I am - currently recommending Belle de Jour (why do I think that ought to be "du", even though she's "de" and so's the film of the same name [which I only know from watching crap TV]). In a similar vein Mon Mouth, an American (I presume) escort in London.

And there are some quirky searches picking up on me. Strangely there are a lot of people searching for Ikea sofas, stuff about John Howard looking miserable at the rugby (and by god he did), Christine Hamilton speeding (did she? Must have missed this), stuff about adverts, lyrics, and Aqualung. And the completely impenetrable "FAVOURABLE TO FRIEND NOT MOTHER BRAKING MOTHERS HEART". Which, once again, will bring you to the wrong part of this site. Go to the archives, and use the find feature of your browser (under edit in IE[1]). Helpful huh? Well there's only a few months worth.

[1] What I'm not being biased, I'm merely reflecting what the people who look at this site use. About 90% use IE, therefore I help the 90% (also the version of Netsacpe on this computer kaputted itself, and I haven't bothered to replace it, so I don't know what the Netscape version is called).

Finally remembered, something I meant to mention ages ago - anyone else seen those SMART sports cars? According to their website (on the UK version click smart range, then cars), they're called Roadsters. Me like. Yet to see a Crossblade though, which appears to be a motorcycle with too many wheels. I know people in other countries don't understand them (ok so by "other countries", I mean America and Australia, both of which tend to have cars like tanks anyway), but they're a slightly fun practical reaction to cluttered modern life. And they completely take the piss when you see two of them parked at right angles to the other cars, in the end space of a row. And as for them only having 2 seats - well most modern cars are designed for 2 adults and 2 kids, so the back seats become tokenistic, and incapable of carrying adults as they normally would travel.
And they sure beat the errant lawnmower effect of the original small cars, like the Beetle - diddy car, comically large turning circle.
But then I'm odd, I like the Chrysler PT Cruiser (the one that's half hearse, half Chicago gangsters car). And now there's a convertible. Admittedly looking round the rest of the site, they sure build some ugly cars.
And how come the UK site makes promenient use of the Chrysler building[2], when the US one does not? And who are Maybach? Turns out they're a lapsed brand being reignited (unfortunately the old cars look nicer than the new one).

[2] Which for years I thought was the Empire State Building (well it looks nicer). But as I later discovered it's not just me who gets them confused.

On other stuff, the ever recurring Rootjoose - this time as background music in a BBC 4 (but being shown on BBC 2) documentary on a cartoonist named Gerald Scarfe. Sorry, it's just not quite where I'd expect to find it.
Hmm, no obvious links for Scarfe, and BBC 4 is proving nearly as unhelpful. And i do wish they'd change the colours of the BBC's front page - it's all various shades of mushroom. Though they found his main website, whereas Google didn't rate it high enough.

Other TV stuff, Little Britain. Much too funny, with cruel stereotypes. Very the League of Gentlemen.

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