Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Following the recently published blogs of blogger's FP, I came across a blog by someone with the same birthday as my brother - how bizarre. Ok so I also found a blog where the menus are in Chinese (or similar) script, but the postings are in what appears to be Spanish, so maybe the co-inki-dink-er[1] isn't working today, so the fates are just going for random. Look I spent the day getting glue in paper cuts, loathing the boss's wife's "Only Me"[2] activities, and having radio 1[3] on all day (the same as yesterday and the same as the day before). And you still expect me to be sane?
[1] That which makes coincidences.
[2] Brainfade, I can't remember his name Enfield (having thought first of both Messers Hill and Potter) character. Pretty much interfering, and makes stuff go wrong.
[3] Better than most generic commercial stuff, but only in small doses. I think I now know their playlists off by heart. This comes from thinking "Oh this song must only be on their B playlist, as this is only the third time I've heard today". Although it's the twelfth time this week (minor exaggeration, well ish).
Doesn't help when the have DJ Muppet (AKA Scott Mills - any relation of Trego?[4]) keeps banging on about stuff he thinks is amusing - like some site about badgers. Um, would that be the one from the Weebl stable that was on B3ta aeons ago? My god, what do the BBC researchers do all day if they haven't found this yet? Maybe I should send him a link for the Hampster Dance [5].
[4] See Cornwall for more details - I explained it a few days ago, whilst ranting about crappy local radio. Oh how fickle I am.
[5] For the Johnny come lately's out there, this site was huge several years ago. Although apparently there was some big row over how to spell Ham[p]ster, and many accusations of usurpation. Although by modern standards the concept probably is a bit tired by now. Anyway it was one of those "love it or hate it" viral things (possibly before they were called virals) that got sent for the sole purpose of annoying the people you know. And I swear the music in it is from the Disney cartoon version of Robin Hood (which I loved as a child, and even have a copy of - although I haven't watched it in years).

Anyway where was I? (yes I know I'm here, existentialistic thought not withstanding). Radio 1. Pink, Black Eyed Peas, Nelly Fur-fucking-tado and the joy that is Dido. Over and over. Have you no personality, no originality, can you not think for yourselves or does every part of your day have to come those above? Except for Jo Whiley, who at least does passable, and plugs bands like Keen[6], Snow Patrol and Franz Ferdinand (ok so I know none of the are exactly "new", but still at she implies she's trying).
[6] Well that's what i thought they were called, but the nearest I can find on the BBC's site is Kenesis, who apparently are spelt Kinesis, and I now can't remember if the song I heard is one of theirs. Oh well.
And what is it with Radio 1 news? It's like they all want to work for the Sun. That and their dubious selection of news items. They started today leading with "George Bush wants Saddam executed". This is news? The guy who happens to like killing people[7] anyway wants to kill someone who is "evil". To quote the Americans, Holy Shit (though possibly not in the same tone). And is it his decision to make? Though fortunately this stunning revelation got downgraded and then bumped by other stuff during the day.

[7] Well I'm not to sure about "like", in a "I hope not, but I fear the worst" way. Anyway, a man who is an ardent supporter and user of the death penalty (remind me not to move to America any time soon).

Looks amusing, but haven't time to check it all out yet - Lego Leviticus. Although I'm not sure which bit of the bible Leviticus is in, and what it deals with (is it the one with the bedding virgins and goat sacrifices? Or possibly vice versa), or even how to spell it.

And those looking for [piano] sheet music for the Gary Jules and Michael Andrews version of Mad World - go here.
From the same site I also discovered Project Gutenberg - free classical literature. Not had much chance to explore, but I like the concept.

Anyhoo, need to go.

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