Monday, December 15, 2003

Hmm, what's it say about my life that the song that came on as the radio alarm switched on is the same song that was playing on the radio as I finished work. Ok so it says more about having the same radio station on all day, especially as I think it got played at least twice more during the day. Which means it's getting overplayed and I am inevitably going to end up hating the familiarity of it, which is annoying, as it's a good song (Mad World[1], the currently ubiquitous version).

[1] As keeps showing up on this site in search engines. Ok so the startreking across the universe song is a recurring theme as well. That and people looking up butter ads, oh and Ozzie Osbourne's address - sorry I have no idea.

Was back on the "you do know there are machines to do this?" job today. Wasn't helped by working out early today that if I continued at my current rate I'd have done 1600 (and a third)[2] envelopes by the end of the day. And counting up the empty boxes afterwards discovered I'd done sixteen hundred, plus about half a dozen more. Hmm, not sure whether to be depressed by how few hours of mindless monotony[3] produces, or depressed by how gargantuan the task is.
[2]Working it out the other way somehow avoided having the third. I discovered I could still do long division and multiplication in my head if I bothered, which is nice, even if I'm not quite up to Countdown speed yet.
[3] I discovered I can actually do this with my eyes shut (well all except getting the glue covering strip into the bin). Possibly I shouldn't have been trying to find out.

And was going to rant about stupid berks in Mercs (damn that rhymed [4]) accelerating hard whilst driving along a pavement that ends in 3m. Oh the joys of roadworks managing to cause gridlock across the entire town during the day, which transforms at 5pm to very angry gridlock. It's great though, because you can walk straight across roads without having to worry about traffic. Until you get to the pavement which people have now noticed is paved and without cars on it (there's usually a reason for that). It all looks very pretty though, when there are rows of lights in every direction (maybe it is all a planned part of the Christmas decorations round the town). Shame the mist swirling round them isn't mist, but hey you can't have everything.
[4] This is obviously bad, as know people will start saying "you're a poet and you don't know it"[5], which I may or may not be, it's just I have not intention of being [unless it pays well].
[5] And thus showing great wit by citing a phrase that makes a rhyme upon the word "poet". If you're going to be like that you really ought to do it in iambic pentameters[6].
Anyhoo, I really ought to stop now, as I'm trying to work out the di-dums, which given the precedent of yesterday's Glorias probably isn't a good thing to start.
[6] Spot the "I haven't got a link in this post yet" link.

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