Friday, December 19, 2003

I must learn to stop clicking on the links on Blogger's FP. First a blog called "scintillating", that's anything but (and eerily reminding me of how annoying I used to be[1], being one of my favourite sarcastic words[2]) and appears to be a franchise, and then another that's showing me slightly more than I wanted to see[3], in my post-Sainsbury's can't be bothered to watch Eastenders mood.
[1] So which response are you going to go for? "you annoying? never", or "used to...that sounds like the past tense?".
[2] And should that be ex-favourite? But sticking ex- in front implies I still have favourite sarcastic words (which I'm not about to admit to doing, as then I'd really have regressed).
[3] Think woman. Think S&M-ish[4] strappy black PVC clothing. Think remarkably well endowed. In places women aren't usually well endowed. Think oh. Mind has already seen want it does not want see. Close window. Reconsider watching Eastenders, but decide that if I was watching television, then I ought to be watching whichever harrowing documentary that is bound to be on channel 4, and really don't feel like that now, so retreat into the comfort of writing mindlessly to bemused strangers through the power that is blogging.
[4] Though they might sell in M&S by now.

And now to get round to finishing off the earlier post.
Update: Swear as I twig that the draft of the earlier post is no longer there, thanks to the glorious invention that is Blogger.

What was in it?
Cas-Av being him, and linking the Grauniad's interpretation of the Big read, amongst other stuff.
S+N being annoying and a posting a series of maths puzzles, days after I said I'd rediscovered various maths skills. Briefly: Complained I couldn't do any except one, then found I couldn't do that. Found I don't know what "asymptotic" means, and the definition I found does not help with what I think the question is. And I still don't get what the problem is with some of them.
Complained I couldn't think laterally and make great leaps, leading to something about making an etch-a-sketch and a Polaroid camera (with possibly magnetic prints), when I was aiming for a PC with Windows (it made sense at the time).
TV: Imagine on the OED (autopenotomy...ow), Bedtime (savage comedy, great scripts, dubious plots), Buffy is gone (and only the not quite humans got killed).
Other stuff I either can't remember or doesn't matter (which implies the stuff above moving swiftly on).
Oh and France are being arsey (and stupid, and French) over EU fishing quotas and stuff. But we knew that anyway, right, or at least we knew they would be.
And I'm trying to work out the effect of having "contemporaneous" in the bit Google's currently quoting.

And breathe...

Which reminds me (breathing, air in nose causes smelling, smelling perfumes and aftershaves of many people in Sainsbury's, staff in Sainsbury's)...when are Sainsbury's going to realise that making their staff cover up piercings with manky bits of blue tape is more worrying and off-putting than the piercings themselves would be. Some of the poor people look like they've been painted with woad.
And I'm obviously not of the right mindset - walk into Sainsbury's, and one of the first things you see is a round shelving unit covered in £2.99 tins of Goose Fat (labelled in French natch). Um, usually when I buy any sort of bird I'm annoyed enough if I find lumps of fat acting as make-weight flung into the cavity. And now you can buy it in tins. Obviously I missed the bit of Delia/Jamie Oliver[5] that said this product was vital.
[5] AKA Fat Tongue or Mockney, depending on how het up one of my ex-flatmates was.

More stuff to do now, so,

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