Thursday, January 29, 2004

Damn, no merry car-street furniture incidents yet[1] (and it's beginning to thaw, again). So it'll just have to be this for the time being: Minor oops.

[1] Possibly the loud cracking sounds coming from under people's wheels are giving them a hint not to try going fast. Although I think (judging by the noise) someone just sledged their car into the front of their garage.

Not sure I've got much else to say: all the news seems to about the Hutton hoo-ha[2], or about weather induced chaos. So which do you want: whitewash or white-out?
[2] Which is about as enlightening as one would expect a report by a lawyer to be. He sticks to the question asked, and chooses his words carefully (in a cutting around the holes way?).

From SMH: A dead, 50-tonne sperm whale exploded in a busy street in Taiwan, showering passers-by in blubber, blood and innards. And what exactly was a 50 tonne whale doing in busy street in Taiwan? Just popped out for the paper and some milk? (Yes, I know if you read the story it tells you, but that spoils the comic effect of the summary alone).

Anyhoo, I've got stuff to do.

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