Thursday, January 22, 2004

Dear Blogger,
Why is the draft option still broken? (ok so maybe I haven't actually told anyone yet, but I'm not sure there's an anyone to tell). I request you kindly do something about it.
Yours sincerely,
He who is very glad that Windows has an invisible clipboard, and so text copied to spell check in Word (as the inbuilt one uses American spelling, and can't do many words, and it's slow), is still lingering in the ether when Blogger loses a draft again.

Continuing the Google theme - they in their infinite wisdom have decided to fill the ad space at the top with two ads: one for road sign makers, and one for road sign cleaners (never really occurred to me that there were such people). What did they find in here that made them think that those were relevant?
At least the "relevant searches" has stuff mentioned in this blog, such as the Flaming Lips and Blogger (admittedly the latter is rarely in a positive light).
Just thought - You'd be a bit miffed if you had website, supported by ads for Google, set up to protest about some company's actions or policies. And what would Google do? Oooh, a site about Pink Elephant makers, and they mention Spawn of Satan Pachyderm Construction, and guess who happens to have paid us to advertise their site? My, how lucky. Right, one box filling ad for

I think I've got the Google problem figured out now. According to their help section (please don't point how long it took me to remember there was such a thing), sites falling off the index happens[1]. It's either a glitch at their end or at Blogger's. And the great news is there's absolutely nowt I can do about it. Oh well, guess I'll just have to wait till their next visit.

[1] But I'm not completely off the index, as if you type in the address of this site, then this site appears [odd that] - but without any of the accompanying blurb. And if you try adding any keyword to the site:xxx option then there are no results.

Ooh, isn't Google useful?

Except it is, and I've just discovered it does all sorts of quirky stuff like telling you where planes are and things [also check out the stuff in their labs]. Unfortunately much of it is restricted to the US.


Oh, just discovered that the guy that does Casino Avenue got mugged (see the Jan 18th entry). Oh dear, hope everything works out ok.

And now I'm feeling guilty for having an argument (well I still say it was a discussion) with someone, based on whether the threat of mugging matches the actual incidence. My stance on this being that most people don't know someone who's been mugged (it's always a friend of a friend at least[2]). And then someone I know (even though I don't know him, I just get to read his thoughts) gets mugged.

[2] Except for anyone who's ever been near Liverpool, but that doesn't count (seeing as the world ends at Birmingham, and that's only on a good day).

Hmm, and I've just noticed the emergency exit at the top of his page. Dare I click on it?
But then you've still got to find something to stick in it.

Continuing round his page, and spying the Co-op bank slip. Used to work with someone who's log-on screen name got changed to Stuart The Camp[3]. It took him quite a long time to notice. And why are they always called Stuart (with that spelling)?

[3] The system required the user to type in a 4 number identifier, and then the computer matched that with a file listing more details, such as the user's name. And naturally enough someone found a way of editing these, so half the staff became So-and-so The Whatever. Cue: Mike The Merciless, Phil The Fool, Fred The Unready [isn't it odd how, given the numbers of people who have the same names as royalty, that there aren't more Aethelred's?]. I still haven't figured out who did it.

Anyhoo, getting distracted, and ought to be doing other stuff.

PS. Salam Pax...Muse...Salam Pax...nope still can't see it. And were Space big enough to make it to Iraq? Shock shock horror horror, shock shock horror, indeed.

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