Wednesday, January 14, 2004

How strange:

For some reason I've had rash (well, mini rash) of people coming here having stuck Anyhoo in MSN search. Is it just that, for reasons as yet unknown, I've suddenly become the highest Anyhoo on MSN? Or has someone in America (as the hits range from Texas to Maine) done or said something?

Or it might just be coincidence that there is a chain of people searching for Anyhoo. But as usually there is a steady drizzle of random search results, for example: worst song for british tourists opps outside your head, this seems unlikely (and I have no idea what the example search was really looking for).

Most odd.

Though I think the search that displays most lateral thinking is: INTJ - "Mastermind". Introverted intellectual with a preference for finding certainty. A builder of systems and the applier of theoretical models. 2.1% of total population. Well that's one way of finding people like yourself.

Hmm, doing the self-obsessed thing of sticking anyhoo into search engines and I discovered that Yahoo rates me 4th, but Yahoo UK+IE rates me 3rd, but doesn't rate me at all for UK only. I assumed they all used the same databases, but apparently not.
About: 1
Altavista: Er, I don't appear to be here (well not on the first 10 pages of results).
Ask Jeeves: Jeeves, you're fired. And you expect me to pay to submit a site?
Dogpile: 2
Excite: 2 (but it does look suspiciously like Dogpile, even though it's supposedly in the same group as Ask Jeeves).
Google: 4
Looksmart: No. And their submission requires jumping through the hoops of Zeal.
Lycos: 3 1 (and now I feel guilty for having never heard of it).
Metacrawler: 2
MSN: 1
Overture: Nope (not in the top 100), and no submit a site option. 2
Vivisimo: 2 (but strangely not in the blog section).
Yahoo: 4

Aol/netscape, both go through Google.

I guess it pays to have one's blogging service owned by the biggest search engine.

And now I'm trying to work out how many distinct search engines there still are, as most I used to know have been swallowed by larger ones or have becoming solely advertising sources for people like AOL.
So there's:
- Google
- Yahoo: Overture, Alltheweb, Altavista,
- Ask Jeeves
- Infospace: Metacrawler, Dogpile, Webcrawler.
- Lycos: Hotbot, many freebie websites, and portals.
- Cnet:, various portals.

Ok, I'm bored of this now.

And anyway the chain has been broken by someone looking for "autopenotomy buffy". Obviously I missed that story. Oh, I just discovered that I am a Googlewhack for autopenotomy. Woohoo! Not sure it's really a word I want to be associated with, but ay well, such is life. It means to remove one's own penis, by the way (so that would be autopenectomy or self-phallotomy, depending which root one uses, though penectomy can be removal a section, and phallotomy could just be an incision). Hmm, nice topic. And what are the government bugs going to make of someone searching for this?

Hurrah! (mainly because I can't figure out how to spell Horray/Hooray/Hurray). The European Commission (them be the civil servant ones) has decided that the Council's decision, not to challenge France and Germany over breaking the economic stability pact, was unlawful (especially in relation to them challenging Portugal over the same thing). BBC factual, BBC interpretation.

And I've just noticed CNN's story on this is writing about the future, saying the decision will be reached on Tuesday (well being CNN they don't bother with "on"). Er...I think we've already had Tuesday. I think even America is on Wednesday by now (well the East Coast at least).
CNN also appears to still be hawking stuff they wrote in 2000 (click on stuff in the grey box on the left). Does their take on Euromyths really need to be saved for all eternity?

Huzzah! It looks like Berlusconi is going to lose his
immunity from prosecution whilst in office (strange that no-one shouted too loudly about it when he became the temporary head of the EU).

Cardinal's condom move praised. Cue: raised eyebrow (well if I could do one at a time).

Random SMH thing - How on earth did that happen - the city that hosts the American Parliament doesn't get representation in it.

Er...who, why, what, how? This the result of some personal vendetta, or did somebody just get bored? Although I have to agree white socks are not good, having been to a school that thought they were. Which is what happens when PTAs try to be fashionable. It didn't help that this rule had existed since the early sixties, when presumably white socks had been fashionable long enough to reach the perception of parents, and so were probably out of fashion by the time they drew these rules up. And being an institution they can never change anything, so there's probably still some people being forced to wear them.

It was strange how, as one went up the years, people's socks became gradually darker, so by year 11 black was the norm. I should point out that the darkening was because of people buying darker socks, and not (probably) because the originally white pairs darkened (I hope). Which had the strange effect of making the tone of people's socks match their academic year, in a very Brave New World way.

And I've just discovered, in the Guardian, Steve Lamacq writing about The Archers. Which is not really a combination one would expect. What is the world coming too when someone who works for Radio 1 listens to Radio 4?

Anyhoo, that's enough of sounding narrow-mindedly judgmental for now.

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