Monday, January 19, 2004

Now I'm confused - looking at the site stats (I know...but it's so tempting to be nosy), and seeing that someone found me with what appears an interesting topic. So I click to go and find out what else is out there. And I discover that of the 7 results, there is not one that looks anything like this site. I check there isn't another page of results - but nope there's just seven, and no me.

This is a little odd. So I then search for what I know to be a selection of words that only brings up this site. Google informs that there are no results.

What have I done wrong?

Or is it that Google's broken? Except it's still there, it's still churning out results, and you'd think it'd be big enough to have to stuff to stop it breaking.

So there's something about this site that made Google wipe it from the records. But what? Was it the vanity of writing about self-referencing searches? Or did it object to me using naughty words in the last post? Except it can't be that, as I choose the unfiltered option. Hmm, this is odd.

It's just disconcerting to be at the whim of an unseen force. And have no way of counteracting it, not even tiller-waggling[1]. I don't like this.

And of course because Google's gone most of the aggregating ones produce odd results. Even the ones that claim they don't scavenge results.

I've also managed to find yet another search engine, it's called Munky, and it's a bit cheeky, as I found it by mistyping Vivisimo (see, I said the name was too long). But I'll merrily plug it as it's got me at two. It's says I'm a sponsored link, when I've never paid anyone to plug anything[2], and I'm not sure it's a vastly different, and so distinctly useful search engine, but, well, I've got to stick it in, otherwise I'd have no links and that wouldn't do at all.

[1] It being the [illegal in racing, except if you do it in time with the waves] process of sculling using the rudder on a boat, to achieve forward movement, in lieu of any force from the sails (because there's no wind).
[2] Because: A. it never occurred to me. B. I'm a miser. C. It's not really getting my money’s-worth[3] for this site is it?
[3] That looks wrong. Oh well.

Anyhoo, that's it for this little bundle of self-obsessedness (look, I was trying to avoid ranting about stuff and generally sounding miserable).

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