Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Oh why won't it snow? Like they said it would. Damn, even the most innocent thought gets trapped in lyrics[1], JJ72 in this case (that's a guy singing? yeah right, don't be da-ft [note the compulsory Northern "a"]). Whatever became of them?

So, yes, it is supposed to have been snowing, except the ETA[2] keeps getting adjusted, and I think it is expected about 5am now.

[1] Have you tried asking someone called Annie if they are ok recently? Especially when she's too distracted to listen, and I end up repeating myself, but trying not to repeat the same sentence. [think Michael Jackson, or possibly Alien Ant Farm].

[2] Estimated Time of Arrival, not the other meaning, so sorry, there'll be no poor puns on "Basque" today.

And are nosebleeds supposed to linger all day? Don't worry it hasn't been bleeding all day, but neither has it formed a stable clot either[3]. Isn't it great though when you get in the shower, get halfway through washing and see that you have red toes. Oh, oh right, ok, oh well, carry on washing whilst sniffing a bit.

[3] That last word is completely superfluous, isn't it? But I won't go further, as then I'll get into the great ither-ether debate. Which I usually have with myself, and inevitably resolve that it's ither this or that, and it's ether of those. About this point I remember those. Which confuses me, and then I begin to wonder if I got them the wrong way round earlier. All of this is irrelevant as I know it's always meant to be ither (it's just ether sometimes sounds better), as ether is either an organic chemical or part of the ephemeral mix. Except ether as either isn't pronounced the same.

So much for not getting into that debate.

So what else?
Odd letter in the Guardian - The not-suicide of Dr Kelly. Reasonable belief, or conspiracy theorists? Will their ever be an answer? Probably not.

Still not snowing, and it's dark. Very pretty sunset earlier, as all the hills managed to turn pink. Possibly this fits in the "you had to be there" category.

"Let's get bombed" - I do hope that in German that's a pun. It's the title of the Deutsche version of Salam Pax's book. Although the US title is a little odd as well, as Salam ably illustrates. Have to say, I never quite figured out the point of the book. Having flicked through a copy in Smiths, it appears to be the text of his blog. Except surely that's available on-line...and those without an internet connection aren't likely to know about his blog (except if they read the Guardian, but they're likely to be pretty computer literate anyway[3]). Maybe it's just me, but I'm not sure I see the point of the book. Not that I wish it to do badly. Although I suppose it's got better content that half the other stuff on the shelves.

[3] Oooh, look at me with my sweeping judgements. What? It's Guardian, I think most people who read it are reasonably bright (well how often does it go for "popular" anti-whichever group stories[4], a la most of the traditionally little papers), except for the dappy art teachers, but they're dappy art teachers. Anyway it's not like I'm going round describing it as "the UK's far left paper" - that'll be from an American site then [and I can't find the link]. Far left? No wonder the US media doesn't like Europe. And if that's the far left, what do they make of communism and it's ilk, (other than "the enemy [No. 2.7a]")?
[4] Well except the whole anti-hunting thing (you want to ban fishing as well? No[5], well I guess we all know fish don't have any feelings).

Oh how's that for themeing, start on a lyric, and finish on one.

[5] Not enough mileage/votes in it. How many people hunt, how many fish, and to which social groups do they belong (or are perceived to belong)?

Anyhoo, that's it for now.

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