Monday, January 05, 2004

Ooooh, the new Google (via CNN): Vivisimo - except it's not, as it's gone kaput, so I've no idea what it's like.
Seems like a good idea, but I'm not sure how it works, and I think most people have already adapted to overcome faults with Google (such as the oft quoted "apple" search, stick in fruit/tree/Cox's Orange Pippin/whatever, and suddenly it works better).
And they could have gone with a better name - why is a search engine lively? And as for becoming common, the name is too long, and too complicated (have I put enough "i"s in?).
2 syllables versus 4 ish (keep wanting to pronounce it "viv-vi-vis-sim-mo", but that might just be the dyslexic in me).
Just wondering - how many people type a search engine address, how many have it stored in favourites, and how many just type the search in the Address bar of IE, and let MSN sort it out?
I just type and use auto-complete, as it's quicker, and works better than trying to use menus (and has the added advantage that it doesn't really matter which computer one uses).
Sorry I just don't like the name - too long (a whole 2 letters more than Google) and it's got a repeated sequence in it (which invariably trips me when typing).

Hmm, it's pants - apple - takes ages to find a non-computing apple, and then the first [non-sponsored] result in the category of "apple tree" is a bed and breakfast place called "apple tree inn". And this category only has 3 results (but that might be because of high usage problems).
And who is Fiona Apple?

Somehow I think Google is safe being omnipotent for the time being.

Other links:
AdAge: Some random thing on ads that won't reach the US. The Mr Kipling ad was cancelled? Really? God, some people must take this whole God malarkey a bit too seriously. Click on the Honda one if you haven't seen it (there's more comment somewhere in this blog - use Google's site search to find it, if you are so inclined).
UK Unis (ish) Now why didn't I think of that?
The annual baby names thing. How utterly middle class is this country? Except of course one's not supposed to be able to tell such things from names. Though Jack? Surely that's a variant on John, in a nickname[1] way. But then they have Ellie as a name as well, which usually is Eleanor (or however one spells it), unless it's one of the many meaning "she" (as in the cat's mother?).
[1] Apparently that's derived from "an eek name", eek meaning also (see Chaucer), and the n's liaison with the vowel becoming permanent (it's amazing what you find from reading books left in people's loos).

And that'll do for now, as I'll only start talking about the Turner Prize, or night-swimming if I carry on (continuing on from the earlier post).

And my spelling must be improving (either that or Word has run out of red ink).
Anyhoo, I flit, I flee, I fly (not literally, in pretty much all cases - and what? you'd prefer the bad adieu/you rhyme? [think yer]).

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