Saturday, January 24, 2004


Due to not having proper heating at the moment (boiler kaput, I've moaned about this before, do your homework and look below), I was trying to wash clothes that I could stick in the tumble drier. So, having sorted through a massive mound, I discovered that most of them say "do not tumble dry", which is helpful. Most of the rest are so old that the printing's come off the label. Which leaves me with about one washing machine load of clothes that I can wash and get dried. So I bung them in, and go off and do other stuff.

Come back 2 hours later (grr, energy efficient thing, so it's really inefficient in terms of time). Drag clothes out and dump in basket. Fight my way into the garage to the drier (aren't doors that change shape with the seasons fun?), and, in the twilight, bung in half the load.

And then I notice an odd colour t-shirt. That's funny, I didn't think I washed that one. Er...oh, I didn't. Um, that was that cream one. Only it's not now. It's just off SAS blue[1]. What happened? Oh yes, the new jeans. That I hadn't washed yet. Damn. I guess that's what happens when you sort stuff by whether it tumble dries or not, and not by colour.

[1] Except that doesn't work, as they've changed the colours they supply. It's a mix of their slate and combat. Um, which isn't all that helpful.

Except nothing else I've had for years has run, so I pretty much got used to chucking any old combination in, and had almost forgotten it happens.

And to think I was worried about stuff shrinking. Although the clothes aren't dry yet, so I don't know if they've shrunk.

Strange that it's the trousers from Gap that dyed the t-shirt from Gap, and most other things look ok. Everything in there was some variation on cotton with a bit of polyester, so it shouldn't be because of fibre dependant dye.

Oh well.

Other stuff:

It appears a certain search engine likes me again (well it admits I exist, which is a start).

I'm still trying to figure out how, having heard of Maroon 5, I manage to forget "Harder to breathe" is by them. And I then decided it sounds like (to quote someone, but I've forgotten who) Sarf London's favourite Ritalin-deprived God-botherer, Mr Daniel Bedingfield. And because it's by him, I can't like it (enough though I do), just on the principle of the thing.

And am I the only person in the country to have only just figured out what "to fight tooth and nail" is derived from. As in to fight vehemently, having come from fighting with tooth and nail. As in biting, scratching and gouging, in a sibling-like way. I know it's pretty obvious, but given there's stuff about "fighting hammer and tongs", and that this is the language that brought you "raining cats and dogs", I assumed it came from something obscure. Like shoeing horses, or something, or possibly some Roman form of orthodontistry. What? this is English, Occam need not apply.

Which links cunningly in with the feudal system (well according to the conversation the phrase was in). No relation of the verb to feud? Thought not.

So, I'd better be off to see if A. stuff is dry yet, B. stuff is the original colour, C. stuff is the size it is meant to be.
So how I doubt it's going to be all of the these.

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